managing women from a douchebag’s perspective

I’m not in the habit of leaving angry comments on other people’s blogs, but Brazen Careerist today features a post called “Managing Women: From A Guy’s Perspective,” and I couldn’t help myself.

From what I can tell, it was written by a 14-year-old boy. It includes gems like:

  • All women love chivalry!
  • Male bosses should compliment their women employees on their appearance!
  • Women are so catty!

Are there differences between men and women? Sure, and it’s possible to talk about those differences in an intelligent, nuanced way. This article isn’t either of those things.

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  1. Erin M Taylor*

    I went over and read it too, then I left a comment. He’s put up a comment in response to our comments thanking us for giving him a reality check.

  2. HR Godess*

    I was so stunned, it took me a minute to snap myself back into reality. It’s interesting that he’s made the categorizations that he has made. Hope he blogs anonymously!

  3. Not in HR*

    When I saw the Ask a Manager community’s outrage, I had to go read the youngster’s blog: Nice job setting him straight and thank you for the unintended chuckles it produced…quite humorous.

  4. Sadistic Manager*

    I note that when he fell all over himself backtracking about how it was supposed to be funny, he didn’t actually say he doesn’t manage that way.

    I’d rant for a minute about companies that don’t provide proper training for new managers, but I suspect that’s not the issue here…

  5. Will*


    Just wanted to weigh in here..!Dan didn’t do a great job of expressing himself in this post.I’ve known Dan for a number of years and I can say he’s not sexist, prejudicial or narrow minded in any way. His article and inexperience betrayed his character yesterday.

    Thank you for your comments-I can see how it was offensive, but measuring by intent, it was never supposed to be anything of the sort. Please drop over to the blog and see that we’re not troublemakers…honest:)Just some young professionals trying to make their way and making mistakes…

    (I have to admit I find calling Dan a “douchebag” quite inappropriate in the context of his article, but your blog,your rules).

  6. Wally Bock*

    Will � I’m sure Dan is a swell guy to hang out with, but neither intent nor his sterling behavior in other areas counts. There were several things that were awful about the post, but the worst, in my view was the attitude it showed toward the people he supervises. And by the way, “Gosh I was trying to be funny” is not an apology. It’s a cop-out.

    Now think about this. The odds are good that at least one of the people that work for Dan are going to hear about the post. That’s all it takes.

  7. Will*

    Hi Wally-thanks for the reply!

    Dan’s post was poor and it offended. Not arguing with that. Dan’s written a reply to the post on the blog. What I do take issue with is the vitriolic nature of a lot of the comments. Is it me or are they just mean?

    Dan made a mistake with the post which can’t be denied.
    (young people make mistakes..didn’t you?). If and when anyone that Dan is managing reads his post,they will scratch their heads and say “this isn’t the Dan I know”. His character echos beyond the blog…and that does count!

  8. Anonymous*

    Ask a Manager – please don’t call other people names like ‘douchebag’, I thought you were above all of that.

  9. Anonymous*

    So “Will” is bothered that all these women are making general observations without knowing him as an individual.Yes that must suck…

  10. Kelly O*

    That was just horrible on so many levels I can’t even start describing them properly. What bothers me even more is people coming back and saying “Why yes, that’s true. I’m a woman and I respond to empty flattery and attempts to manipulate me based on empty stereotypes.”

    I look at that article as a prime example of what is really wrong in our cross-generation/gender discussions. It’s not funny. It’s something that needs to be discussed openly and honestly, and we can all learn something from it.

    Plus, he doesn’t define “older” either. I’ve had a couple of fresh-from-college people who even thought those of us pushing 30 were “older.” That and I can’t get past misspelling Leonidas and catty. (Well that and the whole leading the Spartans fantasy, although it rather telling that Leonidas died at Thermoplyae, and this guy seems to be going down in less grand fashion on his own blog.)

  11. jaded hr rep*

    I don’t know what’s sadder – the article, or the “young professional’s blog” that posted this thinking this was actually great advice for young professionals!

  12. almostgotit*

    I don’t Brazen Careerist any more… frankly, way too much narcissistic grand-standing and people who have little or no experience talking out of their adolescent -sses.

    But would you like to know how I *really* feel? :)

  13. Will*

    Hi Jaded HR Rep,

    Could I please have the link to your blog so I can check it out…can’t seem to find it.


  14. Vermilion*

    That made my day. Just for laughs, we had this article going around the office which was published in the newspaper in the 1940s talking about hiring female employees.

    1. Give women time to fix themselves as their performance depends on how they look.
    2. Do not hire young women as they will flirt and gossip. Hire married women instead as they value work.
    3. Always compliment women and never criticize them because they are emotional creatures.

    And THAT was from the 1940s. This guy's blog post definitely has some trouble keeping up with the times.

  15. Rugman*

    Oh look at you girls, talking all about work and stuff. How cute!

    Disclaimer: The above statement is intended as satire.

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