job searching? check your spam folder daily

This was the subject of my very first blog post, but a friend’s recent experience has inspired me to repeat it:

If you’re conducting a job search, check your spam folder every day. A surprising number of emails from employers can end up in there. You may be sitting around thinking that no one has gotten back to you when in fact there’s a response or two in your spam folder right now. Go look.

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  1. Esther819*

    Yes, this happened to me. (And I would have missed working for my current employer if I hadn't happened to check my spam folder that day.)

  2. George A Guajardo*

    Sure enough, one potential employer responded about a month ago. Sigh…

    Thanks for the head's up. I never even considered scouring my junk mail folder. I have one more thing to do on a regular basis!

  3. Charles*

    Yep, good advice. I, as a job seeker, do check my spam folder – daily.

    But, do job posters check theirs?

  4. Rebecca*

    I learned a very valuable lesson from my spam folder: 419s and counterfeit pharmaceuticals are the way to go. "Real jobs" are the actual scams.

    (just kidding)

    (kind of)

  5. Laura Y.*

    +1 — I do a weekly scan and a few weeks ago found one from an employer I was *very* interested in. I emailed them back and explained that it had gotten caught in my spam filter blah blah blah, and they brought me in the next week for an interview. I start Monday.

  6. Sabrina*

    I check it every couple of hours. Not as a job seeker but as someone who can't stand to see the Spam folder be bolded with a number after it. Must. remove. spam.

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