where are they now: update #8 – the coworker who accidentally complained to the wrong person

Remember the woman whose coworker called her accidentally, thinking she was calling someone else, and proceeded to complain about her, before realizing she was talking to the person she was complaining about?

Here’s her update:

I had planned to discuss the “awkward moment” with my co-worker, but several things prevented that from happening. One of those was that she was called home from work because her child was ill. She was gone for the remaining three days that week, and then we were off for the weekend.

When I arrived at the office on Monday morning, we were the only two people in the building. I immediately asked how her child was feeling. She provided me with all the details and seemed genuinely touched that I asked.

Since that time, she has shared some personal information with me about her background, which gave me much insight into some of her behaviors. It turns out she has had a difficult life. She is a single mom, and I have compassion for her. Her attitude towards me has turned around by 180 degrees.

I must tell you that I was praying about the situation, as I truly want to have a good working relationship with her, as I do with all of my co-workers. I have no other explanation!

Thank you again for your help and your advice.

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  1. Ask a Manager*

    Anonymous, I deleted your comment because it was gratuitously nasty and off-topic. You want to respond to the ideas put out here, great — disagree to your heart's content. But attacking people who write in for no reason? Go troll somewhere else please.

  2. Anonymous*

    A) because that aside in the email wasn't off topic and cloying at all

    B) of course I had a reason! hypocrisy in religion runs rampant!

    C) <3 you still, happy holidays

    D) word verification is 'noble' – clearly a higher power thinks what I'm doing here is worthwhile.

  3. Anonymous*

    Maybe since you still were nice to her even when she was mean to you, she decided you weren't such a bad person after all.

  4. Anonymous*

    How wonderful that you took the high road rather than decide to get in a snit and attack her for her comments to you.

    Had you decided to, this could have turned so easily into one of those on-going office feuds that suck the productivity and energy from everyone there, whether they are involved or not.

    Instead, you have achieved your goal of a good working relationship with your fellow employees, and extended comfort to a fellow human being.

    Another example of how important patience and compassion are in the business world- well done!

    Lois Gory

  5. Anonymous*

    i was wondering what kind of response that last paragraph would get. once again the person stood up for themselves in a pleasant way instead of being mean in turn. whether you believe a high power was responsible for the turn around or simply the power of human kindness in interactions, either way she seems like a really generous person. happy holidays. :)

  6. Anonymous*

    Seriously: it's the ultimate Good Person Behavior to be that gracious when someone insults you like that. The fact that in this case it's rooted (consistently, I might add) in Christian doctrine doesn't detract from it at all.

    Maybe updater #8 will pray for Anonymous #56 and he'll turn into a nice person, too.

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