Win a free copy of the upcoming Ask a Manager e-book on how to get a job

How would you feel about a massive instructional guide full of my advice on how to get a job, a book crammed so full of my advice that you’ll never want or need to hear another word from me?

People liked my “how to prepare for a job interview” guide, so now I’m doing something bigger — I’m in the midst of writing an actual e-book, covering everything from how to think about your job search so that you don’t freak out on a daily basis … to how to write an awesome cover letter … to what to do if you have no connections, anywhere … to dealing with follow-up without being a pest … to what to do if your interviewer doesn’t know how to interview … to how to make sure you don’t end up working for an ass … and much, much more.

It’s coming soon … very soon.

And meanwhile, to keep me motivated to finish this thing, it’s contest time. I’m going to give away six free copies of this highly coveted e-book. (At least I hope it’ll be highly coveted.)

Here’s how you can enter to win a free copy:

Option #1: If you sign up for my email list here, you’ll get entered in the contest. (If you’ve already downloaded my free guide to preparing for a job interview, you’re already on the list and thus already entered in the contest.) Three winners will get randomly selected from this list.

Option #2: If you’re on Twitter, tweet a message linking to the free guide sign-up page. Your tweet must include the link to the guide, @AskAManager, and this hashtag: #aambook

Sample tweet: Get the new @AskAManager guide to preparing for job interviews #aambook

Three winners will be randomly selected from the pool of eligible tweets.

You can enter twice if you want, once by getting on the email list and once by using Twitter. The contest will end on Friday, August 27, at noon EST.

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  1. Karen F.*

    Excellent contest! :-) Hope you don't mind if I pass the info around today.

    Karen, The Resume Chick (on Google or Twitter for questions, comments or violent reactions)

  2. Anonymous*

    What happened to your post about the time when you were the manager accepting two weeks notice?

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