where are they now: update #11 – interviewing again after an unsuccessful interview

Remember the reader who was interviewing again for a job he’d earlier been turned down for? Here’s his update.

I submitted a question to you back in July regarding interviewing a second time after a prior unsuccessful interview with the same employer. Your advice was great, but as I’d mentioned in the comments section, I ultimately did not get the job. However, the interview was successful in the sense that I improved my presentation from the prior interview. It was also good because it caused me to realize that I’m probably not a good fit for that employer at this point in my career. It may be just as well, because like many county governments ours is having major revenue problems and they have done several layoffs.

Another thing that has worked out for me is that the traditional conversational-style interviews I’ve had since then have seemed a lot less intimidating, and I think that being nervous is less of a problem for me now. I am still looking for a job but I feel like my interviewing skills have continued to improve, and I have an interview in a couple of days that I have a good feeling about.

I first started reading AAM back in 2008 and find it invaluable. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked some of the questions you have recommended and been told “That’s a great question.” Happy Holidays!