how to manage remote employees

If you’re managing staff members who telecommute or work in a different location than you do, you’ll need to put extra effort into making the relationship work smoothly. Over at the Intuit QuickBase blog, I offer up some tips to help. You can read it here. (Leave your comments there too!)

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  1. Wilton Businessman*

    I don’t want to visit my remote employees. Too many stories about logging on in various states of dress (or no dress at all).

      1. Unmana*

        Thank you! All learned through long hard years (okay, not that long or hard!) of practice. I think working remotely makes you much more independent and you need to focus on the actual work you’ve done each day rather than the number of hours you spent in office.

  2. Harry*

    I also manage a number of virtual employees across several countries / timezones. Some tips:

    1) When on the phone with an employee, focus on what is being said. Stop browsing the net or checking / reading emails when a virtual employee is speaking. Give the attention as you would face to face.

    2) During a team call, get everyone involved. Have them share something or do a round table.

    3) I go out of my way to send Christmas gifts to everyone. Its not a must and I do it out of my own pocket but it is a very nice gesture.

  3. azvlr*

    I just started a new job and Giant Corp and I am the only member of the team at my location. This article was helpful to me to know what to reasonably expect from my manager. I am happy to report that my manager already does the all of the things mentioned!

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