update from the reader wondering if 8 months was long enough to stay in a first job

This is an update from the reader who was wondering whether eight months was long enough to stay in a first job and who wanted to find a higher-paying position (the second-to-last question here). Here’s the update:

So I only took part of your advice.  Despite your recommendation to stay in my first job for a year, I had to apply to the “perfect job” despite only 10 months of post graduate degree experience.  I did focus, as you suggested, on my reasons for wanting the positions that did not relate to money.  I was offered the position (same title, similar work, 20K more in salary) and accepted.  I am so happy in my new role.  Not only are finances no longer a pressing concern, but my office and the clients I work with are absolutely amazing!  And, despite not being on the job hunt currently, I still read your blog religiously.

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  1. Emily*

    That’s a great update. Just goes to show it pays to follow your instincts sometimes (with a healthy dose of AAM’s sensible advice).

  2. Anonymous*

    Thanks for the update, I just started a new job and I’m considering changing in a year or so. And same here, before I got this new job I was reading AAM’s advice. And now that I found my job I’m still reading it religiously. AAM, is there anyway to add a like button? =)

      1. Anonymous*

        Funny! =) If you live nearby I would probably make you some crab rangoons, not sure if you like Chinese food?

      2. Joe*

        If we actually want to shower you with baked goods (which, I’ve read somewhere, are a great holiday gift for work-related people that you’re not supposed to get gifts for (and I think you fall into that category, loosely defined), and which, I imagine, might be appreciated by a walking-impaired manager who might not be up to baking things on her own), is that actually possible? I feel like there might be a weird line being crossed in asking for your address to actually send you baked goods, but it seems like a great way to show my appreciation for your awesome column.

        1. Ask a Manager* Post author

          Aw, thank you — that’s so nice of you! I’ve actually been giving away baked goods lately because people have been so nice about bringing me get-well food gifts, because I fear I will not be able to lift myself off my couch when the time finally comes if I eat them all! But just the offer means a lot — thank you! (However, I would be totally honored if you did something charitable for someone in my honor, and in many ways that would be the best show of appreciation of all!)

          1. Joe*

            OK, then, I can do that. But if the thought of Maple Bacon Cookies (yeah, that’s what I was thinking of that I could make for you) becomes too tempting to resist, you know where to find me!

  3. Anonymous*

    @OP, do you mind if I ask what you told your new employer why you had left your previous job after 8 months? Thank you.

  4. JessB*

    Oh, I’m so delighted to hear this! What a great success story, you have done so well for yourself.


  5. OP*

    Sorry for the delay, but I was on vacation. I’m the original poster. Between the time that I first e-mail AAM and received the job, I had become a bit more frustrated with my position. I wanted to take on more responsibilities, which just wasn’t a possibility given that limited resources and scope of the office. When I told my team/boss, they said they were sad to lose me, but not altogether surprised. I mean 20K more to do the same exact job with a better commute – who would turn that down?

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