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    1. Ask a Manager Post author

      Ugh, sorry. My web host has been having server problems since yesterday. The good news is that the longer they’re going on, the sooner they are to end … and I’m probably switching hosts sometime this month to get a private server.

  1. Anonymous

    With #6, I want to comment that this is a YMMV situation. I’ve tried this with two different co-workers (and these were legitimate complaints, which I addressed as professionally as possible), only to have both of them flip out and start screaming at me. Both of them also told me that if I had issues, to take it up with management, not with them, and our manager told me the same thing as well. So, really, perhaps it should be “talk with people directly when you have a beef (if you think it will be well-received).”

    The rest of the list is excellent though, and I’ve found #7 to be pretty true lately. It is definitely something that takes some practice though.

  2. Erica B

    I totally fail at #3.. I don’t play games and such, but I read AAM, and some other blogs when I have down time, which can be often depending on my day and schedule. I have busy times, where it’s GO GO GO, and then I have down time. I set my schedule, so it’s completely in my control, and I have to take my work and spread it out.. There are often no opportunities for me to ‘step it up’ or ‘go the extra mile’ at my job. So, say, I decide to be Super Worker, in the end I have more obvious chunks of down time, and that irritates my boss…There is nothing more torturous than the task of “looking busy” :/

    1. Rana

      Sympathies. That’s the hardest thing for me at work – when I get “too much” work done and end up having to kill time because all the extra busywork has also been done, my supervisor has nothing more for me, and I’m stuck there until 5pm rolls around. Temping’s particularly bad, because if you leave early, you don’t get paid for those hours, even though you’ve done a full day’s work, plus.

      I will say that’s one great thing about project-based freelancing; there’s a built-in reward for efficiency, instead of a punishment!

  3. Molly

    I love these resolutions! I am going to print this article out and keep in my desk drawer to review every few weeks or so. Thanks, AAM!

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