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Periodically I like to offer a discount on my e-book, How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager. Put in this discount code today and you’ll get a massive 40% discount: spring2012

In the book, I set out to give you an inside look at a hiring manager’s brain, so that you can have an insider helping you every step of the way through your job search. You can read the whole description of the book here, or buy it here:

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  1. Ellen M.*

    I recommend this book*. And I am a librarian, so I know books.

    *(unsolicited recommendation)

  2. What the?*

    Buying this book and following Alison’s sound advice helped me find my dream job. Not only did I find it, I got it! Thank you Alison for both your book and your excellent blog . These were key supports for me in my search.

  3. Catbertismy hero*

    This makes a great gift for the Easter basket! I have given copies to relatives looking for jobs, it is a powerful resource.

  4. Steve*

    Thanks for offering the discount – just picked it up for my wife (losing her job soon) and I (the best time to look is while you’re still employed!) to read!

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