update about the dinner the boss canceled as punishment

Remember the boss who invited employees to a dinner, then canceled it as “punishment” for not responding to 3 a.m. emails, then reinstated it? Here’s the update. (This is from the fiance of one of the employees, as was the original letter.)

My fiance and I ended up not attending the dinner; the following week my fiance and his co-workers were met with the announcement that company dinners would now be mandatory.

There have not been any invitations to dinner since that day and the boss has toned down his behavior as a result of losing several great employees due to his antics. My fiance has since been promoted; I am happy to report that his working relationship with his boss, although still a work in progress, has improved.

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    1. Esra*

      Each guest will be assigned a dietician who berates them into eating and enjoying, dammit, their lentil-whey protein wafers and wheat grass juice.

        1. Esra*

          Not in Canada. Up here the dieticians would just sigh as the guests dug into pulled pork poutine and mille-feuille.

            1. Esra*

              It’s a French dessert, also called gâteaux Napoléon. Basically custard and whipped cream layered between puff pastry. If you’re ever in Quebec, and not full of amazing cheeses, you can find it in most pastry shops.

              …Now I’m hungry.

          1. Hilary*

            I consider myself an expert in all kinds of poutine from various parts of the country.

            Despite how it sounds, if you ever find yourself in Victoria, B.C., I highly recommend the Seafood Poutine at Red Fish, Blue Fish

            1. Jamie*

              Poutine made me think of Phil Giroux, which caused me to google old episodes of the Tom Green Show.

              Not work related, but thank you for the memory jog. Will give me something to watch while I un f*** my habitat on a Saturday morning.

        1. Anonymous*

          “I went to my company’s mandatory dinner, and all I got was this t-shirt….and a dietician!”

          1. Anonymous*

            the fact that i immediately know which posts this connects to makes me so proud…i think i’ve finally reached AAM nerd status!!!

  1. Sonata*

    I love these updates! I’m happy for the writers and their positive outcomes. And their stories are encouraging to the rest of us!

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