vote for the worst boss of 2014

We’ve read about plenty of bad bosses this year, and now it’s time to vote on the worst one of the whole year.

We’ll crown the worst boss of the year next Monday, based on your votes … so please vote below. (Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. Saturday night.)


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  1. JMegan*

    Oh my gosh, all of those. There have been some jaw-droppingly bad bosses this year, and I send my sympathies to all of the above LW’s!

  2. Elizabeth West*

    I can’t decide either; they all suck! But I have to pick the supervisor who pounded on the house. That could have gotten the OP evicted if she were renting—the damage, disturbing the neighbors, etc. I would put the caller ID spoof second (I don’t remember if we got an update, but the boss might not have known about the mother’s surgery).

    1. Anonasaurus Rex*

      It also sort of implied a very poor level of anger management and left me wondering what would have happened if the letter writer had answered the door. Would the manager have physically attacked her? It’s just so beyond the pale.

    2. Ruffingit*

      Those were my top two also. Coming to someone’s house and physically attacking it is way beyond anything that is even marginally acceptable. The spoof call was a close call for me (pardon the pun) because it too is egregious. Having had my mother in the hospital several times in the last five years, I know what it’s like to get a phone call from the hospital and/or the patient and wondering “OH MY GOD, did something happen?”

    3. Alma*

      I’m stunned… Did the OP with the boss who pounded on her doors and windows have the lunatic boss I once had? Did he copy your keys too? I must read the original post. That’s the one I’m voting for. Nothing like being physically and emotionally unsafe at home as well as at work!

  3. AnonEMoose*

    They’re all jaw-droppingly bad. But I had to go with the wall-pounder, too. With the spoofed caller id as a very close second, and the “I want to buy you underwear, but only if I approve of the underwear” in third place. (Now I’m picturing the awards banquet, complete with acceptance speeches…)

    1. Lillie Lane*

      Maybe the boss that gave out gold spray-painted Barbie awards at the holiday party could emcee the awards banquet. But then she’d have to find Barbie underwear for one of the trophies….

      1. Not for this one*

        That makes me think of Consumerist, who used to mail a golden poo statue to the winner of their Worst Company in America award.

      1. Anon Accountant*

        This was scary. That was scary behavior and you almost wonder what other boundaries that supervisor would cross. The pounding on the house was bad enough but then my mind jumps to would it be a person who was getting hit if the supervisor was angry enough. Awful, terrible boss.

  4. Adam*

    Some real doozies in here. Many of them are pretty awful, but fall into the category of bad office behavior that probably happens a lot more than we hear about it.

    So for me it comes down to the manager who pounded on the employee’s home, the hospitalized mother impersonator, and the underwear judge. Those are a special brand of WTFery.

    But which to pick…

    1. AndersonDarling*

      Those are the same ones I narrowed it down to. The boss who wanted their employee to loose weight is a super jerk, but I think that was tied into a whole office dysfunction, not just the boss.

      1. Adam*

        Yep. And sadly, along with the alcohol pusher and the manager who docked staff for not participating in dumb work group activities are not wholely out there occurences. Still rotten, but probably more uncommon than we hear.

        The other three are like bad reality TV episodes that have to be seen to be believed…

    2. Waiting Patiently*

      Yep, those 3 were my top WTF? I ended up going with the “let me approve your undies” that just seemed way extra on a slightly different level then the ‘spoofing a caller ID’ and the ‘door pounding’ manager.

    3. ECH*

      I had to choose between the same top three you mentioned. I picked the caller ID spoofer, however, because it seems that took some pre-meditation whereas the house-pounding seemed to have happened in the moment because he was upset about something OP did.

  5. De Minimis*

    I thought the boss who wanted “thin, edgy” employees would run away with it, but I forgot how bad the wall-pounder was….

    We never had a wall-pounder at the Post Office, but apparently supervisors had show up at employees’ homes in the past, just to see if they were actually sick.

    1. Clerica*

      apparently supervisors had show up at employees’ homes in the past, just to see if they were actually sick.

      I wonder what the litmus test was. Just to see if they were home and casually dressed versus…out? Or do they have to “look sick”? Pupils dilated, dark circles, oily matted hair? I can arrange for all of that; I’d just need some notice to break out the eyeshadow and olive oil. Because I’ve never looked sick enough, apparently, and a huge pet peeve is feeling horrid and being told I look fine.

      1. De Minimis*

        I think it was more to ensure they were in fact at home.

        Unfortunately, sick leave abuse was pretty rampant there, I think due to low morale/draconian leave approval policies.

  6. Golden Yeti*

    I think the door/wall pounder gets my vote (though I had to think about it awhile, because they’re all really bad). It was between the wall pounder and the caller ID boss. I went with the wall pounder because that’s someone coming hunting you down at your home and being disruptive–you can’t really escape that. At least with the caller ID boss, he could be silenced for awhile by turning off the cell phone.

    All terrible bosses/situations, though. Definitely deserve to be in this Top 6 list.

    1. Steve G*

      We just posted about the same comment. Glad someone agrees with me:-).

      I think that there is a backlash against body-shaming in our culture, so #1 is going to score really high, but I think it is important that while we point out our rights to one thing, we don’t forget about the other, more basic rights (like the right for your boss to not hunt you down!!).

      1. Golden Yeti*

        Absolutely. :) At first, I started to type “someone coming to your home,” but then realized “someone hunting you down at your home” is far more accurate (hence the original typo). People are stressed enough at their jobs these days…we do not need to add fear of being hunted down in your home like an animal on top of that.

    2. fposte*

      Not just disruptive, but actually destructive. Once a boss is coming to your house and breaking it–well, that makes you this year’s leader for me.

  7. Steve G*

    So hard, but I have to go with the one banging on the windows/house and leaving dents.

    I think I would quit most of the other jobs, but I think the boss coming to my house to rouse me to work even when I wasn’t scheduled would cross too many personal boundaries for me.

    Someone trying to make me drink? It happens in social situations, so isn’t unprecedented.

    The athletic boss? Annoying, but I’ve dealt with competitive people like this and have sometimes indulged them, sometimes not. There isn’t anything necessarily horrible about doing sports every once in a while….

    The boss pretending to be the mom? That was my second choice. However, I am not sure I 100% sympathize with the OP on that one. Yes, the boss is nuts for using the mom’s caller ID, but why did feel the need to resort to that? Did that OP have a history of not being communicative? Also, did the boss know that the mom was in surgery that exact day? Sounds like a really unfortunate coincidence. Not to say he is not a horrible boss, but I feel like part of the violation (worry because the mom was in the hospital) was beyond his control. But this still was my 2nd choice…

    But a boss feeling that my home is his to come up to and peek in the windows and bang on the walls? What is sacred if not for your own property? That would feel like the biggest violation to me. The other stuff, I could leave at work…but you can’t leave work at work if your boss comes to your house!!!!!!

    1. Steve G*

      I meant to say “There isn’t anything necessarily horrible about doing sports every once in a while WITH COWORKERS”

      I just realized it sounded sarcastic without that included which isn’t how I meant it

    2. Clerica*

      Re the spoofer, it was hashed over pretty thoroughly in the original post why the manager’s behavior was disgusting no matter what the OP might possibly maybe coulda done to “make” him resort to that. I think they got enough in June without having it dug up again now like it’s new info no one thought of.

      My first reaction to seeing that one on the list wasn’t even about the boss, it was remembering seeing a facetious awards poll on a forum once which included choices for “Grassy Knoll Argument That Wouldn’t Die.”

      Banging on the windows, now, that was so bad that I find whenever I drive by a mobile home with dents in it, I think of that OP.

      1. Jen S. 2.0*

        ” whenever I drive by a mobile home with dents in it, I think of that OP”

        That made me actually laugh out loud.

    3. Observer*

      What the OP described regarding the drinks is waaay further than anything you get in social situations. Enough that I consider that a real safety violation.

  8. Cath in Canada*

    I have to pick just one?!

    OK, I’m gonna go with the underwear controlling boss, because that’s the one I’d least want to work for. The caller ID spoofer and the body shamer were really egregious too, but the underwear thing just makes my skin crawl every time I think about it. ICK!

    1. kozinskey*

      The reason I voted underwear is that it’s just bad enough to be truly awful without making it an automatic LEAVE WHILE YOU STILL CAN situation….so the employees will have to put up with it for much longer than, say the employee who was told to lose weight. I’ll take a few horrific months over years and years of slow, boundary-crossing torture.

      1. Donna*

        Update on the underwear boss…(I wrote on behalf of my friend)…she left that company within just a couple months after the post and is now working for a great company that truly appreciates her talents and could care less what she is wearing…especially underneath her clothing! I’m so glad she left and moved on to a much better place.

        1. fposte*

          I’ve been imagining a candidate at an interview exploring company culture and checking on all these things: “And does anybody here have to approve employee underwear? Pretend to be their mother when calling them? Destroy their private residences? Okay, thanks.”

    2. Biff*

      I choose this one as well, for similar reasons, but also because I felt like the boss was secretly getting off on it.

  9. ZSD*

    I voted for the caller ID spoofer, but I’m surprised the one trying to force the employee to drink is getting so few votes. That was my second choice.

    1. Wakeen's Teapots Ltd.*

      I voted for that one. Too many substance abuse issues in our family for me to not think that boss the worst.

  10. Elysian*

    I went with the body-shamer, though the house-beater was a close second. Too many choices! In the end I decided for the body-shamer because he was so upfront about it. Something the systemic, upfront manipulation in that one did it for me. We heard from one letter-writer, but I can imagine that the entire workplace is just a mess because the boss keeps telling people outright to lose weight, when the job doesn’t even remotely require it. At least house-beater only beat on one house (as far as we know?). It’s sad that these are the metrics we have to compare with.

    1. fposte*

      I believe the OP let us know the body-shamer was female, by the way–let’s not stick this on men when they haven’t earned it :-).

      1. Elysian*

        Ooo fair enough! I don’t think I read all the comments on that one. No matter what, it was crazy-sauce.

        1. Adam*

          Yep. The individual incident was a two woman bout of body shaming. And the OP followed up her post by saying that men are subject to this company’s ludicrous image culture too. So it sucks for pretty much anyone who doesn’t fit their “ideal mold”. Glad the OP managed to get out of there.

        2. AcademicAnon*

          There was an update AAM posted recently, where the OP said is was from the top down and the top person was a woman.

    2. Treena Kravm*

      I chose the body-shamer as well, because most of the others it was about an outburst or a specific scenario that made them act out of rage or frustration. Whereas the body shamer was calm and calculated and matter of fact about it. The underwear one I almost get (in the sense that generous/frugal people want to make sure they’re not wasting money). I was a live-in nanny for a while and I had to turn in my receipts for groceries (job was I did the food shopping, perk was that I could pick out my own food). I always assumed it was just to make sure I wasn’t buying wine or toiletries at the grocery store, until the Dad actually spoke to me about eating proscuitto (I bought half a pound for like $6). He didn’t really want me spending money on that because you didn’t get a lot of food for your dollar.

  11. Interviewer*

    I went with the caller ID spoofing, because I cannot imagine my boss having the (a) tech-guru skills to figure this hack out and (b) the courage to actually carry it out. Like a bit of stalkerazzi and Anonymous combined to create one super-bad boss with zero morals.

    But honestly, it was really close. Every single one of these entries is worthy of winning.

    1. Craigrs1*

      This would be a doozy if the boss was a known luddite who had trouble setting up an out-of-office response on his email.

  12. Sascha*

    For me, it was the body-shamer. But a close second was the underwear-approver. I get really riled up when people think they can comment on or dictate personal choices about your own body.

  13. Alfie*

    Those are all awful, but what about the recent one about the boss who was complaining that this is why she doesn’t hire people with disabilities and then was calling the LW after she left, even after being told not to, apologizing (because of a class-action lawsuit)? Can that get some kind of dishonorable mention?

    1. LMW*

      I think that was one situation where the boss didn’t seem as horrific until the update and then it was just…Wow. That one wins for worst story for me!

  14. C Average*

    Edgy bitch FTW!

    (But there’s really an embarrassment of awful here. It wasn’t an easy choice.)

  15. Melissa*

    HOW can anything be worse than a boss who wants to buy underwear for the employees and approve it first?

    1. Adam*

      Yeah, that just creeps me out. If it weren’t for the manager going to his employee’s home and putting DENTS IN HER WALLS (seriously?!?) the underwear story would have been my clear cut choice. So much craziness to choose from…

    1. Adonday Veeah*

      Aw, no! Granted her head was up her posterior, but her heart was full of love. Crazy love, but love nonetheless.

  16. KerryOwl*

    I think it’s interesting that all of the nominees are here not because they were managing poorly within the workplace, but because they don’t understand the boundary between an employee’s professional and personal lives.

    -you don’t get to determine what size an employee is;
    -you don’t get to decide that an employee has to drink alcohol;
    -you don’t get to trick an employee into answering your phone calls by pretending to be someone in their personal life;
    -you don’t get to follow a person to their home to compel them to show up to work;
    -you don’t get to tell employees what sort of underwear to wear;
    -and you don’t get to force employees to take part in physical challenges.

    Stay out of your employees’ personal lives, terrible managers!

    1. Adam*

      Indeed. If you really want to nail it home it can be stated that to a degree they all seem to be about control. Some more than others, but each one has elements of “I have authority over you, and am going to exercise it however I want.”

      A big fat NO to that.

    2. Not So NewReader*

      Going one step farther, I would say that only the house beater was doing something that could immediately be reported to the police.

      The second most dangerous boss is the one who forced employees to take on physical challenges. I hope no one ever drops dead on him because they had an undetected heart condition.

      The remainder are people who have no concept of how to manage people nor do they understand what goes into a working relationship with other people.

      The house beater is in a class by himself. I am voting for him. If he came here, he would have met my dog and some nice police officers.

  17. Alter_ego*

    I guess my opinion is unpopular (based on the stats), but I went with the boss who tried to force her employee to drink. I think that one just really hit home, because I don’t drink for entirely personal reasons (ie, not an alcoholic, not religious), which people do not at all consider a valid reason, and while no one at work has ever pushed me on it, there is a veeeeeery strong culture of alcohol in this industry, and I could totally see it happening to myself one day.

    1. Guy Incognito*

      There’s a couple of people I know who don’t drink for personal reasons and I’m fascinated by why, but that says more about me than them, I couldnt do without beer, vodka or fireball. But I can’t imagine trying to cajole someone in to drinking of ever questioning their reasoning.

    2. YWD*

      I voted for this one too. I don’t get pressured by my boss to drink but I do get asked by colleagues ALL THE TIME why I am not drinking.

      It’s annoying. I don’t comment on what drinks other people order and would appreciate the same courtesy.

      1. Elizabeth West*

        Yeah, really. I don’t drink because I have to drive myself. Not one of these people ever offers to be the DD so I can drink, or arranges for someone to be it. So they can just muzzle it.

    3. Connie-Lynne*

      The wall-pounder gets my vote, and the underwear approver after that, but I totally understand the horror of the booze-forcer.

      My husband only started drinking alcohol when he was in his mid-30s, and is still a very moderate (generally non-) drinker. In his early years, it always amazed me how many people wanted to make his not-drinking into A THING. It was so rude, and, as he is not comfortable with confrontation, always made him super-grouchy.

  18. JustMe*

    Nothing’s worst than playing with people’s emotions, especially when it comes to their mom. Caller ID gets my vote. That was some kind of crazy.

    1. LBK*

      I agree. That’s just a level of disgusting behavior that I can’t understand how you justify. Some of this other behavior crosses the line, for sure, but that’s just a despicable act in any situation.

    2. Transformer*

      I truly agree with this sentiment. However, I still voted for the weight loss one because it was pervasive to the entire workplace and repetitive. I think the length of the harassment the person experienced trumped a one time egregious spoof that *hopefully* was followed up by a more rational conversation about why that was inappropriate.

    3. esra*

      100%. My mom’s husband struggled for years with serious health issues, and passed away this summer. So when she called at out-of-character times, it was usually with really bad news. I would have been so angry if it was someone else spoofing her number to get my attention.

  19. L McD*

    So hard, but I have to go with the spoofed caller ID thing because it’s just so diabolical and calculated. Nothing else quite matches that level of manipulation.

    1. Bend & Snap*

      That was my vote…because it was something I could totally imagine my terrorist of a former boss doing. Mental warfare is not nice.

    2. A Non*

      Same here. The guy who pounded on the house is terrifying, but in that scenario you can call the police and no-one’s going to act like you’re the one with a problem. People who want to mess with your head and are smart and skilled enough to do it frighten me more.

    3. Mallory Janis Ian*

      This was my vote, too. I remember when my grandma was sick, toward the end of her life, and any call outside normal hours would set me on edge, thinking it was bad news about her. I was substitute teaching at the time, and the calls always came after 10 PM — a time which for me, means someone is either dead or in the hospital. It was irritating to get legit work calls that played on those particular nerves. If someone purposely did that to me, I’d hate them for the rest of my life.

      1. Mallory Janis Ian*

        When the call finally did come that she had passed away, it was mid-morning on my husband’s birthday, not one of those late-night calls that set up an expectation of bad news on the first ring; I answered the phone expecting it to be a birthday greetings call from his parents or brother.

    4. ArtsNerd*

      Yeah, ever since my mom was diagnosed with a terminal illness 5 years ago (died 18 months later), basically every single call from my parents that wasn’t on my birthday or other holiday was with serious, bad news.* There were a few calls from my dad where I was able to predict who died even before I picked up. If I picked up the phone, heart in my stomach, and it was my BOSS!? It would fuck with me so hard, I’m not sure I’d ever get past it.

      *We do have just-for-fun chats! But I’m the one who will call my dad to catch up. Talking to some friends, I do know we’re not the only family who works like that.

      1. fposte*

        Yeah, that’s the one that makes me angriest for similar reasons. But I differentiated between “made me angriest” and “worst boss” because that’s the kind of hairsplitting of the horrible the vote inspires.

    5. JMW*

      Agree. This is the one that was deceitful and dishonest. The others were disgusting, but were upfront about it.

  20. Katie the Fed*

    I don’t know the worst, but I feel like the best damned boss in the entire world after reading this!

    1. Kathryn*

      This is my first year as a manager, and I’ve spent a lot of it reading the columns here and thinking, “Well, I know I’m learning management skills but I have to believe I would never be that awful.”

  21. Sandrine (France)*

    I picked the “only facing clients if losing weight” thing, because this kind of discrimination has killed people before. I know this is extreme and I’m really sorry if it triggers anything for anyone, but being reminded that you’re not good enough because of your appearence or something else you can’t control just makes me really sad.

    1. L McD*

      I can’t disagree with you, but the sad part is that fatphobia is just so damn COMMON nowadays that I hardly blinked at that post. :/ I just recently released a book with a plus-sized protagonist, and some of the ire it’s gotten from reviewers *solely based on that fact* is absolutely sickening. Hard not to take personally, and I’ve gotten pretty good at the thick-skinned thing.

    2. Katie the Fed*

      I’m leaning toward that one because I have enough of my own body issues and that was one the posts that made me feel like I was going to have a panic attack just READING it. I can’t imagine living it.

  22. Episkey*

    Difficult choice. I went with “thin & edgy” FTW on this, but the house-stalker-and-pounder was a close 2nd!

  23. Nerdling*

    For me, it was the phone number-spoofing boss, although wall-pounding genius was a close second. I can just imagine the emotional roller coaster the OP went through on that one — worry over being late for work compounded by worry over mom in surgery, jacked up to worry x1000 upon getting what looked like a phone call from mom that turned out to be freaking crazypants boss. Just a complete “What fresh hell is this?!” moment.

  24. Anonsie*

    I voted for the caller ID spoofing boss (bonus for teaching me a new term) but I’m entirely 50-50 split with that and the athletic event manager that was penalizing people for not participating. The only reason I tipped for the caller ID one is because everyone in the entire world should know that’s wrong, whereas I know pure unadulterated ignorance is behind the athletic one.

    That being penalized for athletic events one really hit close to home for me as someone who has issues with mobility and dexterity that aren’t obvious, and having family members with the same issues. It’s like this all the time. You don’t realize how much people take stuff like that for granted until you start losing it, and then no one even believes you that you have limitations. You’re just a lazy unhealthy piece of junk who’s making excuses for yourself. It’s real fun.

    1. Adonday Veeah*

      I for one would crawl in the corner and die, but I’d be cheering you on with my last breath!

  25. Arjay*

    I went with the body-shamer, but my mom’s in the hospital right now, so the spoofer was a close second for me.

  26. SerfinUSA*

    In my rural, gun-friendly neighborhood, wall-pounding boss might have gotten a quick trip to the hospital after being mistaken for a robber.

  27. Maris*

    I think for me it came down to the definition “worst boss”. The boss who wanted the employee to lose weight before they met with clients was – like it or not (and I don’t) – still acting within the “lines”. Ie: if that’s the image they want their company to present… then they are entitled make that call. Morally repugnant? Yes. Moronic? Yes. Within the bounds of the ‘boss’s scope? Sadly, yes.

    Coming to someone’s house, who is not scheduled to work, and causing damage to their property however, was (to me) the example of the most wildly out-of-control, well over the line behavior I’ve seen on the list.

    The rest suck too – but not “leaving dents in my home” level of suckage.

    1. Adonday Veeah*

      “…if that’s the image they want their company to present… then they are entitled make that call.”

      But… but… they knew what she looked like when they hired her! Can’t you deduct points for that?

      Oh, wait… you did say moronic.

  28. MR*

    As a friendly reminder: there are plenty of excellent managers who can’t get work, meanwhile, plenty of jerks such as in these examples, continue to remain employed.

  29. Andrew*

    I voted for the manager who beat on the windows. I’m surprised that is actually in third place right now. It was definitely a hard choice. Almost went with the underwear story, but that was somewhat mitigated by the fact that the manager was buying clothes for her employees. Definitely creepy, but maybe well-intentioned and just kind of oblivious creepy.

  30. Beth Anne*

    I was reading these stories to my mom when she reminded me of worst boss candidate from 2013 of the boss that was eating everyones lunches when they weren’t at their desk. I had to tell her yeah that story was on this same website!

  31. Former Cable Rep*

    Weight loss boss got my vote, though the wall pounder was a close second. I’m so proud of the OP for not internalizing the weight loss messages and blaming herself but recognizing it for the BS it clearly was.

    I went through something similar over decade ago, only mine came from the district manager with a number of pounds to lose over ridiculously small time table. Unlike the OP from the “edgy” corporation, I took mine to heart and started having anxiety attacks because I couldn’t possibly lose half my body weight in three months. The stress overwhelmed me and I quit without notice in the middle of a work day leaving only my manager to cover the store. Ah, retail. I have had excellent managers while working retail, but they were the exception, not the rule.

  32. Kate*

    This is so hard. >.<

    They're all horror stories.

    I chose the "forcing an employee to drink" option, because depending on how you look at it, you could say that the boss was putting their employee in an unsafe position by trying to pressuring them into drinking. What if OP HAD been a recovering alcoholic? What if drinking IS endangering their health? It's also so high school-ish, it's almost embarrassing.

    Although I'll admit that the other ones make my mouth drop, too. They're all just WTF.

    1. Clerica*

      I think when it comes to something like this, where you wonder how to even pick a winner, it comes down to a personal connection to the story. If someone never struggled with addiction (theirs or someone close to them) or never knew anyone whose health could literally be endangered by one drink, they’d probably think, “Well, that sucked, but it’s not such a big deal.” (Or better yet, “How hard is it to just say no [repeatedly and to no avail]?” Someone whose house was broken into might have a visceral reaction to the wall-pounder while others think it’s bad but can’t honestly imagine the feeling of being in there wondering if the guy is going to come through a window. The call spoofer is going to hit harder for people who felt terror over the health of someone they loved.

      I guess sometimes there’s no objective “worst,” just “how many people did this really hit home for?”

  33. BethRA*

    Went with the caller-ID spoofer, although it was tough. Some of the others were equally bat-shite crazy, but that one was just cruel.

  34. Middle Name Jane*

    These are all horrific. I can’t possibly pick just one.

    So sorry these people have bosses like this! I thought mine was bad.

  35. Another Lauren*

    I really struggled with this one, but in the end went with the window-banging boss. Spoofer was a really really close second, and the Weight-shamer a close third (and I say this as someone with weight issues in a client-facing industry, so I do not take it lightly).

    I ultimately had to go with the window-banger because of the extreme violation and, frankly, terror, I would have felt in that situation. My home is supposed to be my safe haven. I cannot imagine how terrified I would have been in that situation, not just in that moment, but possibly for a time after. Not to mention the anger at the actual physical damage. Similarly, the spoofer was a close second for similar reasons – it felt like a pure violation of the expected privacy I would have had (who is anyone, including my boss, to intrude on my personal phone by pretending to be someone else?). Not to mention, it’s pretty crazy (who thinks to do that except a crazy person who doesn’t understand boundaries at all, and if they don’t understand boundaries, what will they do next – show up at my house??? – reference: previous statements on window-banger).

  36. Barney Stinson*

    Underwear-approver got my vote, because the…aftershocks from reading that description lingered far longer than the others, who were legitimately horrid too.

    Srsly: my skin is still crawling thinking about what that boss was asking her employees to do.

  37. Winter*

    Tie between the wall pounder and the weight loss requestor. As others have pointed out, the damage to the house could get the employee evicted or lead to other structural problems that the employee would have to live with. Not to mention that it’s violent behavior that would cause a reasonable person to fear for their safety. I see the weight loss request as physically dangerous too. Many people would assume that their job security depended on losing weight, which could pose health risks depending on the person’s situation.

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