“how to get a job” discount going… going… almost gone!

how to get a jobIf you want to take advantage of my offer for a massive discount on How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager, do it now because it ends this weekend.

Here’s the discount code to get 40% off: newjob

This e-book is written from my perspective as a long-time hiring manager and will give you step-by-step guidance through every stage of your job search … from getting noticed initially, to nailing the interview, to navigating the tricky post-interview period, all the way through your offer. And I’ll explain at each step what a hiring manager is thinking and what they want to see from you.

If you want to take advantage of the 40% off discount code, the clock is ticking so do it now…

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  1. Esther*

    I love this book! It’s very helpful. Now if only there were some way you could make it more mobile-friendly. Otherwise the thing has been a great resource.

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      It gets sent in two versions: epub (for Kindle, iPad, and other e-readers) and PDF (if you don’t have or don’t want to use an e-reader and just want to read it on your computer).

      The PDF version is definitely DRM-free. I think the epub version is too, but I’m going to check.

  2. GOG11*

    My boyfriend’s sister is looking for a job and I decided to use that as an excuse to finally buy the book. I’m really looking forward to reading it!

  3. Yalonda*

    My download link for your book doesn’t work. I keep receiving the message that it has expired. I know you have up to five days to get the e-book. I made an attempt to download to my iPad on the same day I purchased it. Where can I get help correcting this. Thanks.

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Sometimes those download links act up; I can’t figure out why! But I’ve had a new one sent to you. (If this happens to anyone else, just email me and I’ll get it fixed for you.)

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      That shouldn’t have happened! Email me (alison@askamanager.org) and I’ll get you straightened out (I can just refund one of the two charges — just need your email address to do it).

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