get a mug from Chocolate Teapots Ltd.

You asked for Chocolate Teapots merchandise, and it’s here.

You can buy Chocolate Teapots mugs, totes, shirts, and more at the new Chocolate Teapots Ltd. online store.

(For anyone confused about what this is: Chocolate Teapots Ltd. is the fictional Ask a Manager company that we’ve often used as a stand-in when discussing real-life work situations here.)

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  1. 2horseygirls*

    Whoo-hoo!! Can’t wait to get mine :)

    If you’re feeling like really expanding your product line, sticky notes would be awesome! :)

    Thanks very much for taking the time and effort to get everyone’s input to make these items available. :)

  2. Poohbear McGriddles*

    Just remember that the actual chocolate teapots are for decorative purposes only.

    Try to heat some water with one and you will have quite the mess to clean up!

      1. bearing*

        Did Alison know there was a phrase “as useful as a chocolate teapot” before starting the company, so to speak? I’d never heard it (assume it is a britishism)…

        That said, don’t you think the store needs items with the (I’m sure, distinctly different) logo for CTL’s primary competitor, Caramel Coffee Carafes Corp.?

  3. robynwithay*

    Another thing that would be AWESOME to add to the store would be polo shirts. I would happily buy one and wear it to work!

    1. GOG11*

      I am going to be sure the travel mug I purchase is conspicuously displayed at all times in an attempt to ferret out other AAM readers.

  4. Katie G*

    I hope this new business arm of AAM is so successful and profitable that it turns into a legitimate, large organization…so that Senior Teapot Marketers and Junior Teapot Analyst positions become a real thing.

  5. hermit crab*

    I like how one of the “You may also like” suggestions for this post is “I sent chocolate to a hiring manager but haven’t heard back.” But what about a chocolate teapot?!?

  6. A Cita*

    These would be great to have in running gear! Sports bra/top, ankle socks, mesh running shirt… you get the idea! :)

  7. ZSD*

    You know how Dinosaur Comics has a day when you’re supposed to wear your shirts from them as a signal that friendly strangers are allowed to start a conversation with you? Perhaps we should have something similar for AAM? “Everyone who is interested in having a career-related conversation should wear their AAM/Chocolate Teapots shirt on [date].”

    1. Not So NewReader*

      I thought that was sort of what we were doing- getting AAM products so we can find each other out in the wild. ;)
      I am hoping for something that would hang off my purse somehow- like a interesting keyfob.

  8. Kristina*

    Could you do a mug with the logo and “Chief Teapot Inspector” or one of the other silly job titles that have come up in regards to chocolate teapot manufacture? I want to show off my pride in Chocolate Teapots Ltd., but also lord my impressive title over everyone.

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