Igloo: an intranet you’ll actually like

And now a break to talk about a sponsor…

Remember all those horror stories about remote work gone bad? Here’s a way to knock out lots of those concerns and make it easy to collaborate and manage remote work: Igloo, an awesome corporate intranet that’s probably much different from other intranets you’ve seen.

If your experience with corporate intranets has been anything like mine, you’ve found them to be clunky repositories where documents go to die, and you’ve been tied to your company computer if you want to use them, which can be restrictive if you like to work from the road or in your pajamas from home.

But Igloo is far from the traditional intranet. It’ll let you access content anywhere and at any time, without compromising on security. That means that you don’t have to be stuck at your desk to do your work. You can manage your task list from your laptop during a meeting, share status updates from your phone as you’re leaving a client site, or access the latest version of a file from home (and working in your pajamas in pretty much the best). And it’s created to look good on mobile phones, so you really can use it on the go.

It’s also interactive, incredibly easy to use, and super customizable. You can use it to pull together calendars, project information, working documents, wikis, task management, document collaboration, secure file-sharing, and real-time updates from all your teams.

It’s also strangely affordable: $12 per user per month (about a quarter of what you’d pay for Sharepoint, for example). And if you have under 10 users, it’s free (which means that if you’re skeptical, you can try it out for free with your 10 favorite coworkers before deciding). Learn more here.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Igloo. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Ad Astra*

    Weird. I was just putting the final touches on a proposal that recommended my company look into Igloo. Didn’t know they were a sponsor!

  2. JJ*

    This sounds like the exact kind of thing I was looking for right now! I like the user-friendliness of the interface, too. Thanks!

  3. Lore*

    I confess to finding it hilarious that my company went through an extensive suggestions/branding process to come up with the name Igloo for our intranet site. Which is not, as far as I know, powered by Igloo.

  4. 2 Cents*

    Just got out of a meeting where an Intranet was being discussed. I’ve already forwarded this post to the people in charge! (Anything that takes the “suck” out of work tools is A+ in my book.

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