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If you’re a fan of TED talks, you should know about CreativeLive, the world’s largest live streaming education platform. CreativeLive offers high-quality online classes with the world’s most talented photographers, entrepreneurs, designers, and craft business owners, bringing the classes straight to your computer or mobile device, so that you can “attend” from the comfort of your own couch.

Each class airs live and for free on the day(s) it’s filmed. If you want on-demand access to be able to watch the classes anytime you want, you can upgrade and purchase them (typically for around $24 to $199, depending upon the amount of content and instructor). So, if want to and you plan correctly, you can watch every class for free.

Classes are divided into categories like Photo & Video, Art & Design, and Money & Life, and are mostly designed to help people develop skills for professional use. They include everything from Newborn Photography Bootcamp, to How to Make a Living Selling What You Make, to How to Make Paper, to Master Your People Skills.

“What we’re trying to do is create the most vibrant learning experience we can,” the site’s chief executive and one of its founders, told the New York Times earlier this year. “When we do a podcasting class, we get Alex Blumberg, a former producer for ‘This American Life,’ to teach it. And since he’s the best in the world at what he does, he puts on an amazing show.” He also notes that the company has delivered over 2 billion minutes of free educational content to every country in the world.

For the next two days, CreativeLive is offering Ask a Manager readers a 50% discount on the following career-related classes:

Just apply the discount code ASKAMANAGER50 during checkout and you’ll get 50% off any of those 5 classes.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by CreativeLive. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Sydney Bristow*

    I took a Creative Live course called “Build a Successful Creative Blog” and it was great. I was watching it live, so it was free, and it was so good that I bought the course on the last live day. The course itself was great and it was really easy to download after I’d purchased.

  2. CJ*

    CreativeLive courses are amazingly well-done, well-orchestrated and organized.
    Their instructors are really informed stand-out people in their respective fields. I love it when they do their Photography Weeks and have taken and purchased about a dozen of their courses.

  3. mirror*

    Excited to see this here! As a photographer, I’ve been enjoying CreativeLive for a few years now. They bring in world-famous photographers in the top of their fields and you get to learn all their secrets AND ask them questions for free. Many times there are even prizes! The only catch is you have to watch it live if you don’t want to pay, but they also have a replay right after the live show for those who work during the day, plus you can buy the course at a very reasonable rate. Not much to complain about.

  4. Kyrielle*

    Ooo. I was totally unaware of this site, and I am very interested in some of it. I swear, this is the only site where I actively want to thank the person running it for paid sponsorships! (And even when the thing being sponsored isn’t anything I want or need, they’re never irritating – but for me personally, with your sponsors, there’s something like a 25-50% run of “hey, I need to look at this, it could be perfect!” – which is a ridiculously high positive-response rate for me.)

    Basically, thank you!

  5. LBK*

    Prefacing this question by saying that I don’t mind them at all and am just curious – any reason for the increase in sponsored posts recently? Hopefully that’s not too personal a question (if it’s a financial need).

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Totally okay to ask!

      Just happenstance — for some reason, I had a bunch of requests for sponsored posts that all came within a short time period and they were all interested in having them run around the same time, which usually doesn’t happen. They were all great products/services that I wanted to work with, so I made the timing work!

      There’s one more coming later this month, and then I think it should revert to the more typical frequency. I’m really appreciative that people are so receptive to them though!

      1. Beth*

        I appreciate the care you put into them, which makes me take them more seriously than on other blogs. For example I read the cat food one even though I’ve never had (and never will have) a cat – I figured I’d learn something even though the product was irrelevant. For today’s post, it actually applies to my job and is cool so I read it with different interest. I typically read your blog on mobile devices so I always feel a bit bad about not seeing ads.

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