massive discount on the Ask a Manager “how to get a job” bible

how to get a jobLooking for a job?

For the next few days only, I’m offering a discount on
my e-book, How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager. Use this discount code today for a massive 40% discount: newjob

If you’ve ever wished that you could look into the brain of a hiring manager to find out what you need to do to get hired, this is for you. Written from my perspective as a long-time hiring manager, this e-book gives you step-by-step guidance through every stage of your job search … explaining at each step what a hiring manager is thinking and what they want to see from you … from getting noticed initially, to nailing the interview, to navigating the tricky post-interview period, all the way through your offer.

You’ll learn things like:

  • what hiring managers are looking for when they ask common interview questions
  • how to talk about sensitive issues when you interview — firings, bad bosses, and more
  • how to avoid companies that aren’t a good fit
  • 6 ways you might be sabotaging your job search
  • 2 ways you can turn rejection to your advantage

Here’s what real readers like you have said after purchasing it:

“This morning my husband had an interview. I bugged him for over a week about reading your guide and he ignored me. Yesterday, I twisted his arm and finally got him to read it. He liked the advice so much he read it a second time. He really took it seriously and followed all of the advice you gave … He just called me to tell me the interview was done and that it had been the best interview he had ever had.” — Kim J.

“I used to have 50/50 luck getting past phone interviews and into the actual in-person interview. Once I read your book, I went 100% in getting past the phone interview, and I was ALWAYS in the top running for every position since then. I absolutely know it was because of your advice in the book. I could just feel the quality of my interviews go up exponentially after I read it.” — Russell B.

“When I first got to the interview and saw the interview questions (they had them written out for me), I thought they had taken their questions right from your guide!” — Becky N.

“I just received an offer for an excellent position, and your advice helped me clinch it. I never had a more relaxed interview, and my interviewers were all smiles the entire time. I literally had an offer before I made it back to my car.” — Kat S.

Get your copy with your 40% off discount code (newjob) now!

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  1. the gold digger*

    Buy the book and send it to all of your friends. Alison’s advice on cover letters turned my job search around. I have written cover letters for jobs that did not even exist and have gotten interviews, with the recruiter telling me my cover letter was so fabulous he had to talk to me.

    I have shared her advice with several friends and family and they all credit her advice with getting their jobs. It is well worth the money.

    1. Holly*

      I’ve also gotten specific comments from companies that the reason they were drawn to me was because I had a “fantastic and incredibly well written” cover letter – something I attribute the advice I got from this ebook.

    2. Pardon...*

      I may be incorrect, but wouldn’t sending the e-book to all of your friends against copyright? Or did you mean sending them to link to purchase it for themselves as well? I do not know what Alison’s feelings are about this, but I would think buying one copy and sharing it with 10 people isn’t really fair to Alison without just compensation for her work??

  2. tickledpink*

    Is it possible to buy this book in the UK? How does the price work out in pounds sterling (£)?

  3. Evan Þ*

    I’m almost tempted, even though I’m not looking for a job right now. What new content would this book have for a consistent reader of this blog?

    1. Hotstreak*

      It brings together all the relevant job-seeking pieces in to a single, easy to read, actionable document.

      1. LizNYC*

        +1 I’ve been a long-time reader of the blog, and it brings everything you want to know in one, easily searchable document. Reading this book and applying many of the principles helped me leave my former crappy work job and get my current, better-paying job.

    2. CrazyCatLady*

      I actually just bought it yesterday and I didn’t find it to be especially helpful because I’m a consistent reader of the blog and have also downloaded her free interview guide. That’s not to say it doesn’t contain very valuable information, but I think it would be better-suited toward people who don’t read her blog on a regular basis.

  4. Cattitude*

    Not sure why the website is not working. I am trying to buy the guide, but when I get to the check out, half the fields to complete the information (such as expiration date) are missing and there’s no way to input the info.

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Hmmm, might be a browser issue? Would you try with a different browser and let me know if that solves it? If it doesn’t, will you post the URL of the page you’re on when you encounter the problem?

  5. Aussie Teacher*

    Using Alison’s advice, I totally revamped my cover letter and resume and was told by the Principal of the school I applied to that he had picked my application out as the standout candidate. I also prepared for the interview using Alison’s interview guide and absolutely aced it, and was offered the job the same week.

  6. Beti*

    Just downloaded my copy. Thanks for offering the discount! I’ll be job searching, hopefully, by next fall. If it’s half as helpful as the advice I’ve read here, I’m golden!

  7. Christine C*

    Maybe I’m just not tech savvy at all but: once I’ve downloaded the book, how do I get it onto my e-reader (in my case, Kindle)? I’ve only ever purchased books for my kindle through Amazon. Thank you!

    1. Cattitude*

      It’s simpler than you’d imagine.

      1) connect the Kindle to your computer through the USB connector
      2) you can open the Kindle folders the same way you open a flash drive or external hard drive
      3) then go into the computer files folder where you saved the book and drag the book into the kindle book folders.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Cattitude*

        I did some research and there’s an easier way (I uploaded my public domain books like I suggested above)
        “Mobi Format
        Good news: If your books are in the Mobi format, they’re already readable by the Kindle. Attach the .mobi file to an email, send it to your Kindle’s email address (with any subject, and no body in the email), and it should appear on your Kindle shortly.”
        The e-mail address should be on your Kindle account in Amazon.

  8. AnotherHRPro*

    I bought this book for a friend of mine who was job searching for the first time in about 20 years. Obviously her resume and her interviewing skills were very rusty! With Alison’s helpful advice she was able to land a new position in a very competitive market within two months. If you know someone who is currently looking for a job and you want to help them, I highly recommend Alison’s book as a thoughtful and well appreciated gift.

  9. esemes*

    Thanks, Alison. I always try to click on links that you provide as a thank you for your blog/services. This sale came at the perfect time and I am super happy to be able to buy this book. Thanks for all you do! :)

      1. Ryan*

        Thanks! I have gained so much from your blog (got my current job after taking the advice on the site and have been sharing AMA with everyone!). I’m interviewing with a really well known tech company right now – can’t wait to read this book and hopefully land this opportunity!

  10. Lauren*

    All fixed – thanks Alison! I wasn’t exactly job searching, but a great prospect has come my way and I want to put my best foot forward! Your blog always gives me SO much great information, both about job searching and about managing a team!

  11. Brett*

    Any idea how to download and open this on an iOS device?

    Apparently the download is a zip file and I am running into expired link problems (just bought it today).
    The only computers I have access to right now all have amazon s3 blocked, so the iOS device is my only option for now.

    1. Brett*

      Okay, too many tries and the link is not working at all. Just went ahead and emailed Alison instead.

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