update: I’m interviewing for a job where I’d work at a small table in my boss’s office

Remember the letter-writer who was interviewing for a job where she’d temporarily be working from a small table in her boss’s office? Update #1 is here, and here’s the latest:

Back in September, I wrote to you about a job I was interviewing for. The job was appealing for a lot of reasons, but there was one hitch…I would be working from a small table in my boss’s office.

You and your readers were very helpful, and I read every word of every response to my letter. Many expressed major reservations about the set up and about the job itself, especially since I mentioned that this is a small, family-owned company. It seems quite a few have been burned in such situations.

In my first update, I let you know that I’d found out there would be a separate space for me eventually, sharing a space with a co-worker. That was okay with me (and a huge relief!) Still, the responses to my first letter had me a little worried about other aspects I hadn’t considered, particularly regarding the family-run business. That was something I had no experience with.

Three months in (I started at the first of October) I can report that so far, everything has gone amazingly well. I am doing a great deal of accounting work, which I’d never done before, but I am enjoying learning this new skill immensely. My bosses, a brother and sister (he owns the company) are really great folks. I am back in the town I grew up in, and am finding new/old connections everywhere. I can get home at lunch every day to check on my disabled husband, since I have a 7-minute commute instead of a one-hour one.

And that working space? This past week, it has been very noisy…because they are actually building me my own 12′ x 16′ office. Framing in was completed Thursday.

Thanks again, everyone! And happy New Year!

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  1. DMC*

    Such a nice update, thank you for writing in to let us know how it’s going. My fingers and toes are crossed for you and your future with the company — sounds like a nice employer!

  2. danr*

    Thanks for the update and it sounds as if the fits are great all around. Adding my congratulations to the others.

  3. SL #2*

    What a fantastic update. So glad to hear that things are going well for you, and that they’re even building you an office!

  4. Brittany*

    Your shiny new office will be bigger than my freshman year dorm room :P Enjoy the heck out of it!!

  5. Corporate Cynic*

    It looks like things have worked out wonderfully on all fronts – I’m so happy for you!

  6. Artemesia*

    It is so nice when our worst fears are not realized. I have a pretty good track record with friends on predicting how jobs will go that have these kind of built in difficulties; so glad this wasn’t the case with your situation.

  7. Not So NewReader*

    It sounds like you carefully considered many angles before accepting the job and that has paid off for you. Congrats on your new job that is working out well for you on so many levels. It’s good to hear that you landed in a good place.

  8. Penelope Pitstop*

    Fantastic update and so happy for you. Sounds like you’re a gem to you and you work with genuinely good sorts. Way to weigh everything and then go with your gut–you were right. :)

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