a round-up of good advice for managing people and projects

I write a bunch of stuff for Intuit QuickBase’s Fast Track blog (which I link to here twice a week). Today I worked with them to create a list of the best Fast Track posts of 2015 — my articles and other people’s too — covering everything from how to tell your team their work isn’t quite good enough to how to get along well with IT to how to set realistic deadlines. You can read it here.

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  1. The Other Dawn*

    I like the one about the four questions a manager should be asking their employees. I think I’ll do this very soon. I also like the question, “What’s not getting done?”

  2. JL*

    My current manager is pretty much the best manager I’ve ever had – and all my direct colleagues agree on this. I can’t emphasise what a difference it makes to know you can go to your boss with problems, and knowing they will be non-judgemental, solutions-oriented and trust you.

    I love all the insights I get in this blog and in the comments about workplace issues, which I think make me a better employee, but all the bad managers I read about just make me especially appreciative of my own boss.

    Maybe we need a good-manager appreciation thread one of these days, just to show that they’re out there, and that we see them.

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