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My whole conversation with Jennifer Peepas of the Captain Awkward advice blog didn’t make it into this week’s podcast episode because we talked for a while and I keep the show pretty short. But I thought people might enjoy hearing a little more of our conversation — especially because we talk about an infamous letter from this site, as well as an infamous one from Captain Awkward — so there’s a bonus episode today with a bit more of our conversation.

It’s short —  just five minutes long – -and you can listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Volumes, or Anchor (or here’s the direct RSS feed). Or you can listen right here:

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  1. RabbitRabbit*

    I read that ‘boyfriend hogs the bathroom unnaturally’ one a couple years ago and it made me so mad. I’m glad to hear that he is no longer a problem she has to deal with.

      1. Recently Diagnosed*

        Oh my god, I read that for the first time today and I wish I hadn’t. I am STILL seething! But it sounds like there was an update I need to find!

    1. Millennial Lawyer*

      Where is the update?? I am just reading for the first time and I am horrified.

    2. taco*

      That is one of the letters that haunts me, and I am SO GLAD to get an update! Thanks Alison and Captain!

  2. Vivien*

    First Captain Awkward article I have ever read. And it totally reminded me of a conversation that happened between me (female) and my SO (male). A little TMI here, but hilarious.

    He turned to me one day while doing laundry and said, “So I keep noticing your underwear have the brown stains and I think ‘oh my god, does my girlfriend not wipe? Do I have teach her how to wipe her own butt? Is she having issues?'” I had an obviously horrified expression. He continued, “Then I realized these are your period panties. Just wanted to apologize for my thoughts.”

  3. Anonyna*

    Hands down the most jarring letter I’ve ever read on here was the one where the LW’s husband quit her nursing job for her. While the infamous letter linked above was pretty bad, that one will forever live in infamy in my mind.

    1. LBK*

      Didn’t the LW and the husband get in the comments and double down on the whole situation, too? That one made me sad.

      1. Anonyna*

        I don’t remember if the husband did, but LW did and what a mess. It was deeply unsettling to read her defensive arguments and I remember reading it with my mouth hanging open. I hope that LW is happy today, wherever she is.

  4. Detective Amy Santiago*

    Was there ever an update on the Captain Awkward letter from the person who had a coworker trying to horn in on her trip to Japan? I was wishing that LW had written to Alison instead solely for the potential of an update (though I get why Cap doesn’t push for them).

  5. Say What, now?*

    I think about the spicy food one often. I mean in a “I shouldn’t be thinking of a single event that didn’t directly involve me this much” kind of often.

    1. Detective Amy Santiago*

      That letter was one of the reasons I started reading AAM on a daily basis.

  6. Red*

    The Google Play version doesn’t seem to exist for me?
    (I’m from Australia, not sure if it’s georestricted, maybe?)

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