record a question for the Ask a Manager podcast

There are now two ways to ask a question on the  Ask a Manager podcast:

1. If you want to come on the show yourself to discuss your question with me in real time, email your question to The advantage of this option is that we get to have lots of back and forth and refine the advice to make sure it works for your situation. We record over Skype and it’s quite easy.

2. If you just want your question to be answered on the show, but don’t want to come on yourself, you can record your question on the show voicemail at 855-426-WORK (855-426-9675). Any question you leave there might be played and answered on a future show. This is a good option for questions that seem shorter/simpler (stuff like the daily “short answer” posts), or if you’re just not up for lots of back and forth or having so much focus directed on you.

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  1. Zona the Great*

    So cool! I was on a podcast with you myself and I think this is such a good idea. For questions about dealing with daily annoyances, etiquette, and the like, that second option is perfect!

  2. Queriouser and Queriouser*

    Hi! What’s your policy on double-asking? If someone doesn’t care what format their answer is, would it be okay to email you and email the podcast? Would you prefer that we pick one?

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