where are they now? the updates podcast

It’s the year-end update episode of the podcast! On this week’s show, people who called into the show earlier this year come back to give updates about how their situations have turned out. We hear from the caller who didn’t have enough work to do, the person with too much work, the person who was bad at taking feedback, the person with the helpless coworker, the person with confidence issues, the person with the talkative intern, and the coworker who sat near a very angry coworker.

The show is 30 minutes long, and you can listen on Apple PodcastsSpotifyStitcher, the iHeartRadio app, or wherever else you get your podcasts (or here’s the direct RSS feed. Or you can listen above.

Or, if you prefer, here’s the transcript.

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  1. Myrin*

    It’s awesome that you got updates from podcast OPs, too!

    And gosh, I felt so frustrated when hearing about helpless coworker. I’m flabbergasted by the manager’s response – sure, OP herself says that she was overly snarky and condescending but honestly, who wouldn’t be after a year of this tomfoolery? And we know from the original podcast that the manager had been aware of this problem, so it’s not like OP’s email was the first she ever heard of this. It seems like an extreme case of a manager doing their damndest to not have to manage and actually address problems head-on. I can’t fault you for leaving a job like this, OP!

    (As an aside, is the RSS-link not working for anybody else? When I click it, it takes me to a site saying there’s no style information linked to this XML file, whatever that may mean.)

  2. Leafy*

    I enjoy listening to the podcast while doing my chores, and it’s always nice to hear updates from the callers!

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