updates: the religious music, the venting boss, and more

It’s “where are you now?” month at Ask a Manager, and all December I’m running updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past. Here are four updates from past letter-writers.

1. My office plays religious music throughout the building

I did end up bringing my concern about the music to my boss, framing it around, “I’m worried because it’s playing when customers are here.” He agreed that it was concerning. I don’t know if that’s the reason, but about a month later the religious station seemed to fall off its weekly rotation.

And was replaced by Kidz Bop.

If you don’t know what that is: it’s a station that plays covers of hit music performed by children. The lyrics are changed to make everything super G-rated. While cringe-worthy in its own way, I don’t think anyone could possibly argue that it’s offensive.

I’m satisfied by the result, although I suspect the replacement was chosen as a passive-aggressive measure and not because someone really enjoys listening to bad covers all day.

2. My boss’s venting is stressing me out

Your advice really did help! So I planned to speak up about the general negativity of the meetings, but a few weeks passed without any majorly depressing meetings so I didn’t feel I could raise it retrospectively (Ron also made a passing comment about how social distancing was driving him mad and these meetings were ‘vital’ to him, which – although it didn’t change my mind about how inappropriate he was being – did make me suspect speaking up wouldn’t be well received). However I suggested we made the meetings less regular and a lot of people agreed – we’re down to three days a week, only for around 10 minutes unless there’s something important to discuss, and we all opt out of attending far more frequently.

(Some commentators also suggested I turn the sound down during the meetings if I didn’t need to be there, which was great advice!)

Overall, I still really doubt my boss’ judgement on these calls – his current thing is voicing certain opinions about political parties and the people who vote for them in a way which, while I do agree with him, I suspect would be incredibly alienating if someone who doesn’t share his opinions joined the team. However, I don’t have to hear his opinions as much as I did! I still go to the catch-ups regularly because important info about our work gets circulated during these meetings (and sometimes people forget to then share them through ‘official’ channels) but it was really reassuring just to be told by you and the commentators that I didn’t have to do all this emotional labour for my boss.

3. My boss is forcing me to work full-time while I’m laid off

The boss brought us all back part-time, though I am working about 55 hours a week for 20 hours’ pay. I was able to benefit from the supplemental unemployment of $600 for a few weeks before it expired, which allowed me to stock my freezer and get some breathing space, Business has picked up significantly, nearly what it was pre-pandemic levels, and I keep getting told that we can all go back to full time “soon,” which has yet to materialize. I am told every day how lucky I am to have a job, which is true, but I am updating my resume and thinking a lot about where the path will take me next. I don’t anticipate I will be here this time next year.

Thank you and everyone else for the encouragement!

4. I need time off work because of my husband’s alcoholism

I’d like to thank you for responding to my original message and also thank your readers for their comments. I suppose that in hindsight, I was concerned about what asking for time off would say about me as an employee who has the luxury to work from home during this time. Your advice gave me the confidence I needed to ask for time off and to know it’s ok not to share details, and that the circumstances for this request were valid. I asked my boss for a couple of days to take care of a personal matter as suggested, and she was great, she wished me luck and said she hoped all was well. I took this time to make sure my husband hadn’t suffered organ failure. He was lucky and is currently doing well and dealing with his demons. The trajectory of my relationship is now very different in many ways, but my career is on track, I’ve even been able to redeem myself after that disastrous presentation in the summer. Originally, I was focused on the career advice, but your readers also commented on the personal portion of my predicament, which was unexpectedly empowering. Again, thank you for your advice and to all your readers for their supportive comments.

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  1. Ali G*

    OMG #1 that is amazing! Sorry I was laughing pretty hard at your expense. All I can think about is one terrible radio commercial that plays ad nauseum in my area where kids are singing a terrible jungle trying to get you to donate your “kars for kids.”

    1. Kimmybear*

      I had to mute myself on a Teams call because this made me laugh so hard. My little one love s Kidz Bop.

      1. Suzy Q*

        This would be driving me bonkers. And also, it could be uncomfortable for anyone with fertility issues or history of miscarriage or even just a bad childhood to have to hear all day. I would definitely complain.

    2. Le Sigh*

      I’m honestly not sure I could handle Kidz Bop any better than religious music. Something about it really creeps me out, especially when they’re singing songs that were heavily rewritten to be G-rated.

      1. pope suburban*

        Same. I think the only other choice that would make this worse for me, personally, is modern radio country. And even then, I think that might win over the other two. I think some brilliant but evil person found the two most difficult genres for 99% of the planet.

      2. Temperance*

        When I was at Penn State, one of the bus drivers used to play the Christian version of Kidz Bop on his bus. Infinitely creepier than both regular Contemporary Christian and Kidz Bop.

      3. pancakes*

        It’s aural trolling. I can’t get my head around the idea that it’s a better solution than switching to a classical station or simply not playing music.

        1. Caliente*

          Yes I think that someone being passive aggressive. My kid always hated kidz bop since toddlerhood LOL

      4. Xenia*

        I’d totally crack. Non-stop repetitive music is already the recipe for a terrible work environment (see: retail stores and christmas). Non-stop Kidz Bop? I’d consider that some sort of psychological torture.

      5. Global Cat Herder*

        When my kids were a lot younger, they’d sometimes ask to listen to Kidz Bop in the car because that’s all their friends moms played and they thought they were missing out.

        Then a kid version of Britney’s “if you seek Amy” came on the radio and I almost ran into a telephone pole. We never listened to Kidz Bop again.

        Although now I’m kinda wondering what the Kidz Bop version of WAP sounds like…

    3. LGC*

      On one hand, I’m mad at you because I’ve now got that jingle stuck in my head.

      On the other hand, it dislodged “There’s some chores in this house,” so kudos.

    4. Elizabeth West*

      An office that plays music all day is a deal breaker for me. Kidz Bop would send me screaming out the door.

      1. allathian*

        Oh, me too! The only thing I could tolerate would be instrumental classical. I work with words, so I don’t want to hear any words in the background while I’m working…

      2. Partly Cloudy*

        SO MUCH YES. I cringed so hard when I read this update. I literally can’t think of anything worse. I find background music in general to be pleasant, but Kidz Bop is just extremely annoying noise to me.

  2. emeemay*

    I totally get that Kidz Bop was probably a passive aggressive jab, but I’m certain the person will come to regret that in time, as they’re only punishing themselves too :’D

    1. StrawberryMilkshakeSoNice*

      As a camp counselor who listens to this all summer, I’m laughing myself silly.

      1. Dwight Schrute*

        When I was a camp counselor we threw out the kids bop cds so we didn’t have to torture ourselves

        1. Quill*

          They make EXCELLENT shiny disco distraction things. And frisbees.

          As do the factory reset CD’s for your windows 94 desktop that melted into a pile of unrecyclable slag in 2004.

    2. avocadotacos*

      100%. This might be one update we’ll need an update #2 for, because while the Christian station might not bother some people, I can’t think of anyone KidzBop all day wouldn’t bother.

  3. AJ*

    #3- Are you in compliance with the minimum salary levels for exempt/ non-exempt? Seems like 55 hours for 20 hours of pay might run astray of this rule?

    1. WellRed*

      A company that has employees working for them while collecting unemplyment (illegal!) is not one that care about complying with minimum salary levels. Especially if employees go along with it.

      1. Ben Marcus Consulting*

        It is not necessarily illegal to have employees collecting unemployment while still working for their employer. I’m not sure I’m aware of any state that doesn’t have a work share arrangement.

        1. Idril Celebrindal*

          In LW3’s case it was, though, because their boss was expecting them to work full time hours for no pay, and telling them that their unemployment benefits counted as their pay. Which meant the boss was illegally trying to get LW3 to work for free, and trying to force LW3 to illegally claim not doing work on their weekly claim in order to get full benefits.

          1. Artemesia*

            This and if they become fully unemployed (and with such a terrible employer that sees likely) they will have burned through their unemployment and be out of luck. Horrible company.

        2. Weekend Please*

          That’s true, but the employer has to pay you for that time and you need to report the income which is usually then deducted from your unemployement check. It is illegal to collect unemployment basically as your salary while you continue to work your normal job for free.

          1. PersephoneUnderground*

            The original letter covers this- her boss was, in fact, doing something illegal, but she had no short-term recourse and was afraid quitting would delay her claim months because then he’d say “well she quit!”

      2. Beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk-ox*

        At least in my state, you actually can collect unemployment while employed, but you have to meet certain criteria. It’s been a minute since I was on unemployment, but I think if you were making under a certain amount, you could still collect unemployment. If you made over a certain amount and still weren’t employed full-time, then a certain amount would be deducted from your unemployment payments, but they wouldn’t go away unless you hit a certain threshold.

        1. insertusername*

          Yea the amount you can legally work/earn while still collecting unemployment is really low though.

          Typically part time employees were not eligible for ANY unemployment (well, depending on your wage earnings in previous pay periods.) But with PUA, a lot of people who did not qualify for regular unemployment, qualified under the more lax PUA eligibility criteria.

          For example, I stopped working in 2017 to stay home with my kids. I didn’t work in any of 2018 or 2019. Then in January of 2020 this year, I took a part time hourly, low stress job a few days a week just to get out of the house and feel like an adult again. Well then, covid-19 hit in March, and state stay in place orders closed my job for several months. Normally I would not have qualified for any unemployment assistance because I didn’t have high enough wages/earnings in the past 18 months or whatever the criteria for my state was. (I had only made a few thousand dollars since starting a job in January of this year.)

          But – with the new PUA relief, I could show current employment, my business fit the criteria for being closed due to covid, and qualified under the new PUA rules – and was given the minimum unemployment amount. Let’s say it was about $136 a week, plus the $600 PUA supplement.

          Well once our work re-opened and they started bringing some of us back, but at limited hours, I couldn’t work more than 2 shifts a week or I would go over the amount allowed for unemployment and I wouldn’t get any assistance.

          For example, if I worked 13 hours, I reported those, and my weekly earnings would be deducted from my unemployment check so I would get what was left plus the $600 PUA. Say that was $135. Then I would basically get $135 from my job, $1 in unemployment, and $600 in PUA assistance.

          But if I would have worked 14 hours, say I made $137 at my job for the week – then I would be making more than the $136 unemployment – and therefore get nothing in assistance, no $600 PUA…

          But anyways, the amount of hours/pay you can work and continue to collect any kind of unemployment is very, very low. Especially if you only were making low part time pay to begin with – likely then you get the minimum unemployment amount which means you probably can’t work more than a day/shift or two and still legally collect.

          Hope that makes sense. I could work for my state’s unemployment department at this point given what a production this all was to figure out.

      3. Katrinka*

        There are new rules in almost every state, but most of them are pretty much that you can collect unemployment if your pay has been significantly reduced. In this case, it would be half of what the OP would have gotten for total unemployment. OP is not doing anything wrong, they are getting paid half what they did and getting unemployment for the lost pay. The $600 extra/week from the federal government was for anyone whose employment/pay was affected by COVID and was not prorated for percentage of pay or anything.

        OP’s employer, however, is breaking the law by asking them to work 55 hours and only paying for 20. I suspect that as long as OP and their co-workers are willing to do this, the company will not be paying anyone full-time wages. I totally understand why OP is willing to go along with this, but they would have an actionable case with their state’s labor board if they wanted to pursue it once they leave this company.

    2. High Score!*

      If they are in the US and are an hourly worker, it is illegal to pay 20 hours but force them to work 55. I advise consulting am employment attorney because they owe you back pay is that is the case. In this situation, you can also push back, saying I can do A and B in my 20 hours or C and D, which do you prefer? Or just passive aggressively leave after 20 hours and say you are done for the week. I had a salaried friend do this when her employer wanted her to work double time continually. Bad employer couldn’t fire her bc they were already short staffed and she was already looking anyway.

      1. Jules the 3rd*

        Like Alison said in the first letter, document document document.

        Good luck with this OP, your boss really sucks.

      2. Cat Tree*

        I would encourage OP to just stop at 20 hours, then invest the remaining 35 hours each week to aggressively search for a better job. But if they can’t afford to lose this job, it might not be worth the risk.

      3. Global Cat Herder*

        Attorney may not be strictly needed. File a wage theft claim with the state’s labor board.

  4. Lance*

    Re: #3: Of course you’d already know it by now, but your boss is awful… and really, really inviting legal consequences upon himself. Good luck getting out of there ASAP, because this is going to turn into a rapidly sinking ship as soon as people start reporting him.

    1. Person from the Resume*

      Honestly I don’t think you’re actually lucky to have this job. This boss is awful and overworking and underpaying you and is happy to do illegal things. You do not have to be grateful for it even if you have to keep working.

      1. WellRed*

        I have to assume OPs sense of good workplaces is warped and she will one day look back on this and be glad she’s free if it!

      2. TardyTardis*

        This reminds me of the guy who double billed customers and insurance for body work, and my friend the bookkeeper whom I advised to “Flee! Grab your things and go! When they finally catch up to him, he’ll blame you!”.

  5. The Rural Juror*

    LW #3, I sure hope you’re still keeping track of all the hours and documenting documenting documenting! I hate the position you’ve been put in, but as Alison originally said, the law is on your side! Hopefully you’ll be able to find an new job soon. And then you should file the claim so you’re paid for the 55 hours you worked! Good luck!!!

  6. Richard Hershberger*

    LW1: From the original letter: “In the building where I work, we can’t have headphones, so they play XM radio stations through speakers that are in every hallway and most rooms.”

    This is the problem. This guarantees that every single day, a substantial portion of the employees will hate what is being played. Indeed, I would hate it every day, based on what follows: “a decent mix of rock, decades, country, top hits, etc.” I am a classical and/or bluegrass guy, and willing to talk about jazz and blues. I would rather have nothing than anything on that mix, and I fully understand people who don’t want me to inflict my musical taste on them. If the issue is that silence drives some people crazy, here is a website with the sounds of the various reading rooms in the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford: https://www.ox.ac.uk/soundsofthebodleian/#radcam For me at least it fills the need for background white noise, while being completely unobtrusive. I use it when it is inappropriate to inflict Beethoven or Schoenberg on people.

      1. Richard Hershberger*

        I propose a raging religious war over which reading room has the best quiet shuffling about. I’m a Duke Humphrey man myself, but I will still respect you, a little bit, if you are wrong.

  7. SuperBB*

    #1 should counter with company-wide tickets to a KidzBop concert, since they’re all such big fans. (Confession: it was actually a great show. The kids in the audience turn out in all their bling, dance in the aisles, and go crazy for all the songs.)

    1. Reba*

      I re-read the original letter, in which the writer refers to their boss as a “shitgoblin.” So, #3, thank you again for that!

  8. Massive Dynamic*

    #4 I’m so glad things are going well for you and your husband right now and am wishing you both continued success in navigating this!

  9. Observer*

    #3 – You are probably non-exempt. If you are (and do NOT take your boss’ word for it!), keep track of every hour you work. And when you leave, file a complaint with the DOL.

    And, start looking HARD for a new job. Yes, the economy is bad, but people do get jobs. It might take longer than it might have a year ago, but still. The sooner you start looking, the sooner you will find something.

  10. Moocow Cat*

    Thank you for the update OP4! I’m glad to hear that you, and your husband, are in a better place. Your request was valid, and it’s okay not to share details. Live long and prosper.

    1. Jules the 3rd*

      Good luck, OP4. It can be really challenging to deal with addiction, but it is perfectly ok for you to treat it like an ongoing medical situation, and to not share details.

      We’re here hoping for you and your husband.

    2. WellRed*

      As someone who lost a brother this fall to organ failure caused by addiction you have my best wishes OP.

  11. Steveo*

    LW#3 – this is the same as someone breaking into your home every 2 weeks and taking stuff. You are being stolen from and taken advantage of – it’s wage theft. Wage theft is both pervasive and pernicious because companies rely on you having no recourse. Please consider filing a DoL claim on this and leaving now don’t wait until next year!

    1. pleaset cheap rolls*

      Yeah. And it’s not like they don’t know it. The job could be called 20 hours but people work a little more – OK there’s some deniability, real or fake, but it’s there.

      OTOH working more than typical full-time hours? Also three times as the pay? They know and are actively screwing you over.

  12. Shanshan*

    #1 This is hilarious! I wonder if someone requested that occasionally the office play more PG music, and other than religious music, Kidz Bop was the only thing they could find!

    1. Emi*

      Or they thought “Well, let’s play something popular! Top 40 is, by definition popular. Wow, Top 40 is not work-appropriate. Hey, I know!”

    2. Kathlynn (Canada)*

      Instrumentals. Ambient music is what I usually search to find it. Then it doesn’t matter what the lyrics originally were. They remove them all. (and hey Jude is awesome without the lyrics)

      1. KaciHall*

        There are instrumental lullaby playlists on Amazon music. I did not check the playlist before playing it for my child.

        I did not realize ‘Hey Ya’ by Outkast and ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ by GnR counted as lullabies, even when it’s an instrumental version that sounds like it’s being played on a xylophone. My kiddo likes the album cover (it is a test bread with spray paint cans) for GnR lullabies so now that is all he wants to fall asleep to. It is SO creepy.

  13. Dust Bunny*

    OP1, I dated a guy whose kid liked the Chipmunks covers of pop songs.

    They were still better than his dad’s taste in music, I’m afraid. Sometimes you have to go with a lesser evil.

    1. Risha*

      Oh no, now I’m having flashbacks to my favorite Chipmunks cover album when I was a kid! “If you change your mind, I’m the first in line, Honey I’m still free, Take a chance on me!”

    2. Quill*

      Oh god, I just had a terrible thought of my dad DJing this company music mix unsupervised, Based on “driver picks the music” road trips of my youth.

      Cheap Trick for HOURS.

  14. Bookworm*

    Thanks to the LWs for the updates! And LOL @ LW1. I’m glad they got rid of the religious music but oh my, what a replacement. Thanks for the laugh!

      1. Gazebo Slayer*

        Yeah, sadly agencies in the US that are supposed to enforce labor laws are deliberately kept vastly underfunded, amd penalties in most places are a joke. Bad employers know it’s really hard for workers who can’t afford extensive legal fees to get compensated.

        1. pancakes*

          That’s not a good reason to not try in the first place, and I think you’re overstating the unlikelihood of penalties for something like this. The National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint against Google yesterday for illegally surveilling and firing workers. What this employer is doing is a bit different but it’s really, really not ok.

          1. Observer*

            I’m sure that the OP is trying their best. But StaffyTaffy’s accusatory and blaming tone is out of line.

  15. anondotcom*

    OP4 I’m so glad that you’ve managed to keep your own career on track, I can only imagine how emotionally and logistically difficult it is to keep your life somewhat separate from your husband’s. I wish you all the best on your journey <3

    1. Funfetti*

      Yes, thank you for the update – you’ve shown yourself how strong you are in just acknowledging the issue and finding your priorities.

      My husband is now officially a year sober thanks to AA – I wish yours well and please take care.

  16. AKchic*

    I am laughing at LW1’s update. It is so hilariously passive aggressive and petty. It’s something *I’d* do. And I openly admit to playing 8 straight hours of classical and Weird Al polka medleys when the kitchen staff were playing loud, offensive rap music and earned our shift multiple customer complaints. My cd player, my rules. Want to call me a racist for saying you can’t listen to music with the n-word or blatantly offensive lyrics, well, I’m gonna go old school on you and listen to “old” music. CD players were banned after that. Philistines.

    LW3 – your update was less satisfying. I really hope you’re still documenting everything and that this situation resolves soon. You are owed a lot of money at the very least (in wages!). Your boss is taking advantage of you, and is using a lot of manipulation and gaslighting in order to try to keep you from fighting back. Turn him in. Please.

      1. AKchic*

        They really are, but when you’re 16-17 and think Weird Al is “old people music” in the early 00’s to begin with… well, the polka medleys are pure torture. Especially when they didn’t get to manipulate to get their way. The girl who made the racism accusation ended up quitting not long after. I transferred out of the store and ended up meeting her dad. That was interesting and I don’t think she forgave me for that (I was 4 years older that her, and still really salty). Military bases are nothing but drama.

        1. pancakes*

          Age really doesn’t have anything to do with this — people of any age don’t like being forced to listen to music they intensely dislike, especially if it’s repetitive or distractingly loud.

        2. Quill*

          Wait, Weird Al is old now?

          He was the bomb when I was in High school!

          … fifteeen years ago.


          I’m old.

    1. TardyTardis*

      My husband used to introduce his lab classes to different kinds of music (chemistry) because he could. He even accommodated the stone cold Dean Martin fan (yes, really, she was 16 in 2011). Although he had a pretty good demo to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”.

  17. RB*

    LW 1 – talk about being careful what you wish for.

    LW 3 – “I keep getting told that we can all go back to full time “soon,” which has yet to materialize” Sounds like it has already materialized, and then some, you are just doing the full-time part of it for free.

  18. Elbe*

    “And was replaced by Kidz Bop.”

    Are they trying to get everyone to quit? It’s like a bar that starts playing terrible music right at last call.

  19. I'm just here for the cats*

    #3 I’m confused did your pay get cut so its amounts to what you were paid for 20 hours of your old salary. Or are you actually working 55 hours but only clock 20? Are you salaried?
    Please file a wage claim and update us afterwards

    1. Green Goose*

      I was wondering the same thing, it sounded like the company is only paying you PT but having your work FT. That doesn’t seem like they would have a lot of incentive to change back to FT if they are shadily getting away with only paying you for half your work.

      1. Gazebo Slayer*

        My mom used to work for a place that paid part-time salaries for full-time work. Since she was salaried rather than hourly, it wasn’t illegal, but it was definitely crappy. (Also, it made their applicant pools for new positions tiny. My mom’s boss was literally the only minimally qualified applicant for her job who would accept the part-time salary for full-time work. She was awful, but she was their only option…)

  20. Anon for this*

    I’m glad things are going better for you and can empathize with you. My sister has been having mental health struggles for the past two years but they have really ramped up recently and she relies on me a lot for emotional support which is really exhausting but I’m genuinely worried about her. She’s called me in what seemed like a manic-depressive episode the other day during work and I struggled to get off the phone and then was so stressed the rest of the day and night worrying about her. Hard to concentrate but did not feel comfortable sharing with coworkers.

    I hope your husband continues to improve and sending virtual hugs.

  21. Des*

    That poor LW#3, what even. 55 hours is not part time, getting paid for 20 is not lucky… I hope you find a better job!

  22. NoWay!*

    To op #1, what’s wrong with silence? I think I’d rather listen to polka than kidz bop. But I used to work in a children’s shoe store that played kidz bop and I’d routinely turn the music off when nobody was around. I got reprimanded for it, but why irritate myself at work? Nobody hates silence. Good thing my two year olds favorite is Motörhead.

  23. Wisteria*

    Honestly, Kidz Bop doesn’t sound either passive aggressive or petty. G rated lyrics sound right in line with what somebody who listens to Christian rock would prefer.

    Is there a Kidz Bop version of WAP yet? I would have to get up and dance.

    1. NoWay!*

      What’s wrong with instrumental or classical? Maybe I should record my two year olds version of heavy metal cover of baby shark. That’s not offensive.

      1. Wisteria*

        Why does something have to be wrong with instrumental or classical music for someone to like Kidz Bop? That is such an unnecessarily adversarial way to view the musical choices. Nothing is wrong with anything. The music changes daily. I’m sure your two-year-old would hear something they like now and then.

        1. pancakes*

          There’s a lot wrong with Kidz Bop to my ears, and in all seriousness it is quite adversarial to force a workplace full of adults to listen to children singing all day long. Particularly when the context is, “eff you for complaining, here’s what you get for that.”

    2. Partly Cloudy*

      I personally enjoy Christian rock and my ears bleed at the thought of being forced to listen to Kidz Bop all day, every day. It’s not just about the lack of curse words.

  24. wallflower*


    “The boss brought us all back part-time, though I am working about 55 hours a week for 20 hours’ pay… I keep getting told that we can all go back to full time “soon,” ”

    55 hours a week is more than full time. You are full time. You are being paid part time. This honestly sounds to me like wage theft.

    If you are getting paid 20 hours a week, only work 20 hours a week.

    1. Name (Required)*

      And tell boss you need full-time pay so are looking for a 2nd job, and therefore won’t have time to work triple time at half the salary.

  25. Workerbee*

    #3, oh, those people who love to say that you/we are so lucky to work here or to have a job at all!

    I have yet to have that said to me where the org, department, team in question isn’t riddled with overt and covert issues. I’m in one right now. My sympathies.

  26. Bruce Wayne*

    #3: Working 55 hours and getting paid for 20? And working for free earlier? What a push over. I’d turn in your boss to the employment police ASAP. File a complaint and work to get your back wages. I cannot understand how you can buy into the lucky to have a job. You don’t, you are like an indentured servant or slave or something. You need a better job as of the first of the YEAR, not this time next year!

  27. Quill*

    “And was replaced by Kidz Bop.”

    I haven’t stopped laughing for at least 30 seconds, because I HAD THOSE CD’S and oh my god some of the things they ended up over-dubbing…

    You accomplished your goal, but at what cost?

    1. TardyTardis*

      Because of the earlier comments I am now imagining the animated version of The Good Place with side character Shawn the Sheep…

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