here’s a massive discount on the Ask a Manager job-searching bible

how to get a jobLooking for a job?

Once a year, I offer a big discount on my my e-book, How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager, and it’s happening now. Use this discount code today for a massive 40% discount off the regular $24.95 price: newjob

If you’ve ever wished that you could look into the brain of a hiring manager to find out what you need to do to get hired, this is for you. Written from my perspective as a long-time hiring manager, this e-book gives you step-by-step guidance through every stage of your job search … explaining at each step what a hiring manager is thinking and what they want to see from you … from getting noticed initially, to nailing the interview, to navigating the tricky post-interview period, all the way through your offer.

You’ll learn things like:

  • what hiring managers are looking for when they ask common interview questions
  • how to talk about sensitive issues when you interview — firings, bad bosses, and more
  • how to avoid companies that aren’t a good fit
  • 6 ways you might be sabotaging your job search
  • 2 ways you can turn rejection to your advantage

Here are some things readers have said after purchasing it:

“Thanks to following Alison’s advice in this book, I’m about to start a new job in a stretch position. The director of HR kept complimenting my professionalism through the entire process, and really loved the questions I asked during my interviews. My new manager is so excited he was vibrating when I signed the offer last week. And partly due to selling myself well, and partly due to changing from clerical work to network administration, I have a 50% salary increase and room to grow.”

“Thanks to the tips, tricks, and advice in this book, I landed an incredible new job in a new-to-me industry doing something I love. I was also able to negotiate a great hiring package including a big jump in salary and benefits. I’m sure I would have found a decent job without this book, but I absolutely feel that I was able to find something incredible with it.”

“This morning my husband had an interview. I bugged him for over a week about reading your guide and he ignored me. Yesterday, I twisted his arm and finally got him to read it. He liked the advice so much he read it a second time. He really took it seriously and followed all of the advice you gave … He just called me to tell me the interview was done and that it had been the best interview he had ever had.”

“I used to have 50/50 luck getting past phone interviews and into the actual in-person interview. Once I read your book, I went 100% in getting past the phone interview, and I was ALWAYS in the top running for every position since then. I absolutely know it was because of your advice in the book. I could just feel the quality of my interviews go up exponentially after I read it.”

“A+, highly recommend. It gave me invaluable help in my last job search and I am sure will continue to provide value as I move along in my career. If you’re on the fence, GET IT.”

Get your copy with this 40% off discount code (newjob) now!

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  1. TheAdmin*

    I’m all-in on this. Things have started to pile up on me where I’m beginning to question the integrity of my company, which really sucks, because I love working for my boss (she hired me up from a receptionist position to an admin, then promoted me into a stretch position as her EA after less than a year when she got promoted to CEO).
    The problem is the people around her, particularly our HR. I do not trust them at all, they are very unprofessional, and I’m not sure she sees it. Our reporting structure is weird so they technically report to another division now, so I think people are afraid to tell her what really goes on since she can’t actually do anything to them. I myself hesitate to tell her because it’s hard for me to separate my personal feelings and not come off sounding like I have some sort of vendetta against them…plus the risk of retaliation…
    All this to say, I’ve really thrived working from home and away from daily interactions and overhearing the BS coming from the HR offices/hallway…to the point where I’ve decided I refuse to go back to the office full-time post pandemic. I’ll try to negotiate 4 days remote, and if they don’t agree, I’ll resign. So I definitely need to brush up on my job hunting and interviewing skills!

  2. ProducerNYC*

    I bought this a while back and it has been an invaluable resource. I highly recommend!

  3. Dana Lynne*

    I bought it but I don’t want to download it onto the device that I am now typing on; I should have thought of that before buying and switched to my ipad.

    How can I get to the download screen on another device?

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      You can forward the email with the download link to the device you want to open it on, then open it there. If you have further problems, feel free to email me.

      1. Sabine the Very Mean*

        Is it an audio book by chance? I’m sure people have told you before that your voice is really lovely, Alison. I’ve also spoken to you on the phone for a podcast and it’s remarkable that it is just as lovely through that medium. Have you ever been asked to do more voice work?

  4. learnedthehardway*

    Thanks Alison!!

    I bought the book – not only do I feel like I get great advice from your site, but I think this book will help me both as a hiring manager and as a candidate.

  5. Abogado Avocado*

    I bought this when seeking to change jobs after many years in the same job. It was invaluable for writing the cover letter, editing my CV, and preparing for the interviews (which I nailed). I recommend it to all my friends who are job-hunting!

  6. Retro*

    I prefer getting the physical copy because I love the tactile feel of a physical book. My question to Alison and the AMA community is, do you know which platform (amazon, physical book store, barnes and noble, etc) offers the biggest slice of the pie to their authors? I’d love to support the platforms which most support their authors!

    1. Just Here for the Cake*

      Definitely independent book stores! Places like Amazon and B&B get steep discounts!

    2. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Just to make sure it’s clear, this is only in ebook form and only available directly from the Ask a Manager site. (I realize you might have been asking about books generally though.)

  7. SimonKitty*

    I’d like to purchase the book for a family member. How do I do that? Do I forward the email link to them or put their email address in the order form?

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      The easiest way is to forward them the download link that will get emailed to you. (It only allows one download though, so make sure you don’t inadvertently click on it yourself!)

  8. Colleen*

    Just wanted to chime in here with a recommendation for this book. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten this book, and every time I job search, I break it out (yes, it’s been that long- I think I’ve had this book since about 2011/2012 or so). This is seriously the best resource I’ve ever had when it comes to job searching. Even if you think you know the basics, Alison covers everything so thoroughly that I’ve rarely been surprised by interviewers. Highly recommend this book!

  9. Cherie*

    Thanks for the notification about the discount. I have been following your column recently as I’ve taken on a new position [I’m an attorney] where I’m involved in a lot of HR issues and it’s been so helpful! I bought the book and shared it with my 21 and 22 yo kids – they’re excited to learn how to navigate such things more effectively. Keep up the great stream of information!

  10. Ruth*

    Hi. I bought the book but the link to download seems incompatible with a Kindle. It it only readable on a pc?

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