here’s a huge discount on the Ask a Manager job-searching bible

Looking for a job?

Once a year, I offer a big discount on my my e-book, How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager, and it’s happening now. Use this discount code today for a massive 40% discount off the regular $24.95 price: newjob

If you’ve ever wished that you could look into the brain of a hiring manager to find out what you need to do to get hired, this is for you. Written from my perspective as a long-time hiring manager, this e-book gives you step-by-step guidance through every stage of your job search … explaining at each step what a hiring manager is thinking and what they want to see from you … from getting noticed initially, to nailing the interview, to navigating the tricky post-interview period, all the way through your offer.

You’ll learn things like:

  • what hiring managers are looking for when they ask common interview questions
  • how to talk about sensitive issues when you interview — firings, bad bosses, and more
  • how to avoid companies that aren’t a good fit
  • 6 ways you might be sabotaging your job search
  • 2 ways you can turn rejection to your advantage

Here are some things readers have said after purchasing it:

“Thanks to following Alison’s advice in this book, I’m about to start a new job in a stretch position. The director of HR kept complimenting my professionalism through the entire process, and really loved the questions I asked during my interviews. My new manager is so excited he was vibrating when I signed the offer last week. And partly due to selling myself well, and partly due to changing from clerical work to network administration, I have a 50% salary increase and room to grow.”

“Thanks to the tips, tricks, and advice in this book, I landed an incredible new job in a new-to-me industry doing something I love. I was also able to negotiate a great hiring package including a big jump in salary and benefits. I’m sure I would have found a decent job without this book, but I absolutely feel that I was able to find something incredible with it.”

“This morning my husband had an interview. I bugged him for over a week about reading your guide and he ignored me. Yesterday, I twisted his arm and finally got him to read it. He liked the advice so much he read it a second time. He really took it seriously and followed all of the advice you gave … He just called me to tell me the interview was done and that it had been the best interview he had ever had.”

“I used to have 50/50 luck getting past phone interviews and into the actual in-person interview. Once I read your book, I went 100% in getting past the phone interview, and I was ALWAYS in the top running for every position since then. I absolutely know it was because of your advice in the book. I could just feel the quality of my interviews go up exponentially after I read it.”

“A+, highly recommend. It gave me invaluable help in my last job search and I am sure will continue to provide value as I move along in my career. If you’re on the fence, GET IT.”

Get your copy with this 40% off discount code (newjob) now!

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      1. Kewlm0m*

        So if I order the book through PayPal for my daughter, will they send me a link that I can send to her? Or do I have to have her order it herself?

        1. wildcat*

          It will send you a link you can send her. Just make sure she downloads the book within 5 days before the link expires. I just bought my copy!

      2. Amy*

        I ordered and used the link in the email when I try to open it in kindle it says format not compatible I’m not seeing a .mobi file

        1. Ask a Manager* Post author

          You’ll get six files in your download: a .mobi for Kindle, .epub for other e-readers like iPads, and a plain PDF if you prefer that, plus a note with instructions from me and two webinar recordings. It sounds like you opened it with the .epub file but if you have any issues, email me and I’ll get you sorted out.

  1. jtr*

    Thank you for doing this, Alison! I’ve been bugging my DH for years about looking for a new job, maybe this will give him the oomph he needs.

  2. Local Bureaucrat*

    Not that the essentials don’t transfer over between worlds – but is this book geared mainly toward private sector or are government/public sector jobs covered as well?

      1. Alfalfa Alfredo*

        a huge yep to this one. government jobs are so so so different. wish you’d cover them more, Alison!

          1. FisherCat*

            I understand it being a whole separate thing, but do you have any resource recommendations for people looking for government jobs?

            I love AAM and will buy your book anyway since your advice in general is great, but wasn’t sure if you knew of any reputable but more government hiring focused blogs, publications, etc.

            (I’m replying to Alison’s comment but I’ll take suggestions from others too!)

      2. CatCat*

        As a government employee (state), I have found the book invaluable even if it can’t account for the various quirks of government hiring.

  3. Three Goblins in a Trench Coat*

    I bought copies of this for both my kids when they entered the work force and it’s proven helpful for both of them. Career services is kind of a joke in my colleges and universities. This helped them get up to speed. I’ve found it useful myself honestly!

  4. What's in a name?*

    What is the expiration on this? My e-reader device is currently taking a time lapse of the snow storm.

  5. It's worth it!*

    I can vouch for the usefulness of this book. I purchased it at the beginning of my job hunt and it has proved invaluable. It’s worth it at full price to this discount definitely makes it a steal.

  6. TX Lizard*

    Can I “pay it forward” for a copy? I’d be willing to cover the cost for someone who doesn’t have room in their budget. It’s tough times.
    (Alison, if this is not cool or won’t work, please feel free to delete! I don’t want to make more work for anyone.)

      1. loranthippus*

        btw I read in a different thread that the easiest way to communicate outside of the forum is to type an email address, so if I can pay it forward for someone, please send me an electronic message:

        loranthippus at g mail dot com

        I’m not flush but I think I can afford a few more with the discount :)

        1. Gayle*

          My son in law is about to become a father (some beginning labour today). He had to give up his student work visa when he applied for his green card. Work permit is o finally on its way (thanks to local congressional office!). He’s now job hunting and can work in any field. I’ll give you my email and I can forward link to him, I assume. Wilsonpop at Att dot net

          Soon to be grandma Gayle thanks you!

  7. Tango*

    Would the majority of the advice in here be useful to those in non-US countries? I’m in the UK and I know there are some significant differences!

    1. cubone*

      I have it and I’m Canadian, so YMMV but it was absolutely useful and relevant to my context. I don’t recall a lot of highly specific legal or policy related type things. It was more straightforward, useful info on the whole job search process. Unless there’s something wildly unique about UK job hunting (like resumes are passé or something), I think it’d be worth it? Trust your gut if anything doesn’t fit into what you know from experience in your own context.

    2. Honoria, Dowager Duchess of Denver*

      I’ve not read the book so can’t comment on that, but the blog has definitely helped me get a couple of jobs and I am UK based!

  8. Person with question*

    Does this book have any advice for people with little/old work experience due to being a SAHM? Thanks!

    1. cubone*

      I flipped through the table of contents again and I don’t think there is a deep dive on “re-entering the workforce after a break”, unfortunately. However! There are sections about how to handle various issues (like being over or under qualified), how to address career changes, how to network, etc. I think it’s thorough and would give you lots of useful stuff for many aspects of the process, but you might also want to look for some specific advice on your situation too (I’m sure if you search the AAM site archives that’s been covered though!)

  9. Meep*

    Perfect timing. I might be out of a job today. (I am not upset about it. It’s a pretty toxic place because of one person being allowed to get away with everything.) Either way, I tried to fix it, so now it is time to get on out.

  10. cubone*

    Adding to the recommendations that this book was absolutely worth it. Alison’s advice is so straightforward and simple and covers everything. It was really helpful to me rely primarily on this book through my job hunt, otherwise I get bogged down searching for advice all over the place and get overwhelmed. This is truly a gold standard resource!

  11. Thank you!*

    As a stay at home mom on a super tight budget, I am so grateful for the discount. Thank you, Alison! So much about the job search process has changed since I left the workforce over 15 years ago, and wading through the conflicting resume and job search advice online is so confusing and discouraging. I am SO GLAD that I bought How to Get a Job today! I’ve just skimmed it from “cover to cover,” and it is worth every penny! Why? Alison is a credible source with a talent for writing professional and effective scripts, and it’s an excellent one-stop shop for up to date advice from resume writing to assessing offers. Most importantly, for someone who is scared and nervous about getting back into the job search game after a HUGE break, Alison provides coaching and advice on how to stay cool, calm, and collected through the entire process.

  12. wildcat*

    Thank you so much for the discount Alison, I really appreciate and I’m sure others will too! My nighttime reading is sorted, I am currently in the job search trenches!

  13. Chili pepper Attitude*

    I used this book already and have a job that is so awesome I don’t think I’ll ever need it again and that makes me so happy!!

    Thanks a million Alison!

  14. Anonymous cat*

    I bought the book on my laptop computer and the mobi file opens in the kindle app on my laptop, but I don’t see a way to send it to my kindle device. Anyone have any advice?

  15. Emily*

    Thank you Alison, sincerely. This is great timing and it fits my budget. You are amazing, thanks for everything you do and share with us.

  16. LK*

    Thank you! I gave a soft notice at my job last week and thought about buying your book on Monday. So glad I waited – very grateful to you and this website for getting me through a rough few years!

  17. Middle of the Pacific*

    Hi Alison and Fellow Commenters. I am also having trouble downloading to Kindle. I did not get a .mobi file. I received a zip file and did not click on Open with Kindle fast enough and now that will not pop up again and the Kindle says cannot open the zip file.

    I like to think I am technologically proficient if not advanced, but I frequently have problems with the Kindle. A few years ago when a younger friend was trying to teach me about apps, I realized it was not me but everything was IOS or Android. A lot of the apps have caught up with Fire OS but certainly not all.

    Any technical advice appreciated. I have been meaning to buy this book since the start of the new year. I am excited to read it.

    Many thanks.

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      The mobi file (and other files) are inside the zip file when you open it. Please email me ( and I’ll get it taken care of for you.

  18. Brett*

    What’s the best way to order this for someone else?

    I think this book would be invaluable to my direct reports even if they aren’t looking for a new job/role. They come to me all the time looking for resume, cover letter, interview help for internal roles as is.

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