the Ask a Manager book is on sale at Amazon

Ask a Manager coverThe Ask a Manager book is currently on sale at Amazon (Kindle version only) for only $1.99! That price lasts through tomorrow.

In Ask a Manager: How to Navigate Clueless Colleagues, Lunch-Stealing Bosses, and the Rest of Your Life at Work, I take on more than 200 of the tough conversations you might need to have during your career and give you the wording to do it. You’ll learn what to say when:

*  your coworker keeps pushing her work on you
*  your new job is very different than what you agreed to
*  your boss seems unhappy with your work
*  your boss keeps stealing your lunch
*  you catch an employee in a lie
*  colleagues keep making judgmental comments about your diet
*  your coworker’s loud speaker phone calls are making you homicidal
*  and plenty more difficult or awkward situations you might find yourself in!

Buy it here.

* I make a commission if you use that Amazon link.

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  1. Hastily Blessed Fritos*

    PSA: The sale is also valid at Google Play Books for those who use something other than a Kindle. (I’ve found that authors will often say “My book is on sale for Kindle” when what they really mean is “My ebook is on sale at various sites”, after a long time of taking the statement at face value).

    1. Plate of Wings*

      Good tip, thank you! The Google Play Books app is pretty comfortable to read on. Even books with diagrams, like knitting/crochet/sewing books, are nice and navigable.

      Hopefully Google doesn’t replace it with a random new idea!

      I already own Allison’s book and love it.

  2. Lady Kelvin*

    I bought this book for my husband just before he started his job in April as a first-time manager. He was grateful for it when he had to fire someone last week for poor performance. Not only did it help him manage the guilt of firing someone he really tried to help succeed he also found it really useful in figuring out how to talk to his remaining employees about the firing and reassure them their jobs aren’t in peril. I highly recommend it!

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