Ask a Manager in the media

Here’s some coverage of Ask a Manager in the media recently:

I was on the Dear Prudence podcast last week.

Ask a Manager was mentioned on the Office Ladies podcast (run by Pam and Angela — well, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey — from The Office). The segment starts at 11:00 here.

I talked to Time about how to set boundaries at work.

I talked to Reader’s Digest about how to take a sick day.

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  1. OfficeFan*

    Now Alison we need to know the answer to there question. Does the Scranton branch need 3 dedicated accountants?

      1. Aquamarine*

        Ooh, maybe you can email and tell them that and it will lead to you being a guest on their podcast – I would be so excited for that crossover episode, “Alison Green Dissects the Worst of Michael’s Management Mistakes.”

    1. Torelle*

      I’m pretty sure that was a plot point during a downsizing episode, Oscar said something like “I found a department where three people are doing the work of two…” and then they just look at each other and silently agree to never mention it again.

  2. Fluffy Fish*

    The sick day templates are amazing!

    I copied them right into a draft email for future use – I can just copy the one I need, paste it into a new email, update as needed and hit send.

  3. Pounce de Lion*

    I’ve been rewatching The Office and the voice of Alison and the commenters has been loud in the back of my mind. That would be an interesting series of columns or podcast, because the newest generation of office workers grew up watching The Office and may have picked up some unrealistic notions of what’s normal.

    1. zelavie*

      OOH I would LOVE this! I was super stoked to hear AAM mentioned on the Office Ladies podcast, but this is a brilliant idea if Alison is up for it!

    2. Clisby*

      Or Alison could star in a remake of Mystery Science Theater only it would be Office Science Theater, and she and Crow T. Robot could screen TV shows and movies and snark at the office scenes.

  4. AnotherSarah*

    OMG I attended a workshop in a kiss-on-the-cheek country (though I don’t think I kissed anyone on the cheek there?). I then saw one of the leaders at a reception at a conference stateside, and…kissed him on the cheek. WHY? I hope he doesn’t remember.

  5. High Score!*

    OP2, Clearly the “special diet” food is appealing to a wider audience. Rather than singling out employees with special diets, order MORE of that food so everyone can enjoy it. Otherwise that I who go to the short table (remember the short bus?) and get the food that others want too is going to cause resentment.

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