should I tell future managers about my ADHD?

A reader writes: Growing up as a child, I constantly struggled to focus. In school I understood the work, but because I lacked focus and could not hold my attention in the classroom. Every parent-teacher meeting was the same: “Your son is so intelligent and can achieve so much, but he is so disruptive and […]

ask the readers: better work habits when you have ADHD

I’m throwing this one out to readers to help with. A reader writes: I was diagnosed with ADHD two years ago. I tried medication but found it wasn’t the answer for me. I’ve had five jobs in five years, and I’m pretty sure ADHD is a factor. I’m writing because I’m hoping you or your readers […]

should I apologize for being a bad employee?

A reader writes: Do I need to apologize to my managers for being a less-than-stellar employee? I’m a contract employee on my second year of employment with an organization that hires its employees on one-year contracts. During my first year, my performance was good — not outstanding, but at least good enough to have my […]

my coworker will quit if I’m promoted, shimmer body oil at work, and more

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go… 1. My office mate announces all their comings and goings How do I get my office mate to stop announcing every time they enter or leave the office? “I’m going to lunch.” “I’m back.” “So many trips to the copier?” “Okay, I’m going to a meeting.” […]

pregnant employee is lying about work, coworker attacked my boss, and more

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go… 1. Pregnant employee is lying about doing her work One of my employees is pregnant and has been having a long series of issues at work since the beginning of the year. It shouldn’t matter, but just in case, I am a woman. However, I’ve never […]

can I ask to be reimbursed for my expenses in a driving-heavy job?

A reader writes: I recently started my dream job — amazing start-up, coveted industry, huge promise, incredibly competent management (a gift I do not take for granted). However, I’m working in arguably the most expensive metropolitan city on earth, one that is notorious for being a literal nightmare to drive or own a car in. […]

coworker wants to withhold PTO as punishment, religious gifts for colleagues, and more

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go… 1. Coworker wants to withhold PTO as punishment We have a series of educational seminars by coworkers every month. I am expected to attend 80% of these seminars, online or in person (preferred). Attendance is monitored through completion of an anonymous survey with a follow-up page […]

how to ask for a disability accommodation for a job interview

A reader writes: I hoped you could answer a question –– ideally with a disability/employment lawyer or other specialist –– about disclosing disabilities at the interview stage. Your site is emphatic that disabilities should not be disclosed until an offer is received, due to the possibility for (unconscious) discrimination. This makes sense, but it leaves […]