external recruiters

Recruiters can be good or bad — and when they’re bad, they’re very bad. Here’s how to deal with recruiters in your job search.

how to deal with gimmicky recruiters

A reader writes: I’ve just come home from one of the oddest professional experiences I’ve ever had. A large recruiting company in my area invited me in for an initial meeting/screening with one of its recruiters for an unnamed position with a local nonprofit trade association focusing on outdoor activities. The meeting began with an […]

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recruiters gone wild: 3 stories of recruiters behaving badly

Three letters on similar topics… 1. Recruiter is asking me to “fight for her” with a company that’s interviewing me I applied to Company A in Location A early this year and received a rejection email. Not wanting to give up, I asked my recruitment agent to approach them again, but in Location B, 6 […]

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could this unreasonable recruiter trash-talk my friend?

A reader writes: I’m writing this on behalf of a friend. I’ll call him “Dan.” Dan is not looking for a position but was contacted by a recruiter. The recruiter does not work for any one company, but is retained by various companies to recruit for them. The recruiter thought Dan would be “perfect” for […]

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recruiter wants to change my resume

A reader writes: I recently responded to a job listing on a recruiter’s website. I was called in for an interview, which consisted of me sitting in the waiting room for an hour and a half to talk to someone for three minutes, in which I pretty much just read her my resume. I got […]

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did I burn a bridge with this recruiter?

A reader writes: In my recent job hunt, I was fortunate enough to interview with two companies. Company B contacted me about an interview at a point where I had already received a verbal offer and was waiting on physical offer from Company A. I firmly believe nothing’s final until it’s in writing, and went […]

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how to deal with a rude recruiter

A reader writes: I’m looking for advice on how to deal with rude recruiters, due to a phone interview with one earlier this morning.  A third-party recruiter contacted me for a slew of opportunities he was hired to fill for a start-up company. Presumably, he found my profile on LinkedIn, as a few others have […]

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