Everything you need to know about layoffs at your company, being laid off, severance, negotiations, and what to expect when your employer is cutting staff.

job-searching after being let go

A reader writes: August 29, 2008 – After working for this IT services company for 2.5 years, I was taken into the boss’s office and told that the money was bad and business was scarce. My boss cut me from 40 hours per week down to 20 hours per week to save the company money. […]

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Yahoo!’s leaked layoff memo

Check out this leaked copy of the instructions Yahoo! sent to managers for conducting their 1,500 layoffs last week. There’s much to cringe at here, but I think the worst is this: “Yahoo! will not ask for reimbursement from the employee on any repayment obligations (relocation, sign-on bonus), provided the employee signs the Supplemental Release.” […]

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silence from manager after layoff

A reader writes: I was recently laid off. My boss works in a different office and was not there for the layoff. The SVP who was there told me that my boss wanted to have a conversation with me about the situation. It has now been over a week and I have not heard from […]

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laid off in order to lower pay?

A reader writes: Last Friday, I was laid off from my job. Apparently the official reason is “lack of work,” although my manager kept hammering on the fact that I was getting paid so much more than other people in the same positions. In our area, we had 4 people working the same positions: 3 […]

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