thanking boss after getting laid off

A reader writes:

I have been at my job for 11 months and the company laid off everyone but 2 people because of the slow economy (22 people in all). I was one of the ones laid off. I absolutely loved the job. Would it be proper to write a thank you note to the boss/owner thanking him for the employment opportunity that I had with them? (It is a family owned business.)

It’s certainly not necessary, but it would be an incredibly kind and gracious thing to do.

Laying people off is very hard, and I can only imagine how it feels to have to take one’s family business from 24 people to 2 people. Generally laid-off employees are understandably focused on the impact on themselves — of course — but if you’re thinking of your boss as well, I’m sure he would be really grateful to receive a note like that right now.

And not only is it a really nice thing to do, but it might actually pay off in the future, in terms of him helping you with job leads or being the first on his list to call if business picks back up … but mainly it’s just really nice.

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  1. Kerry*

    Wow. Classy.

    Your positive attitude is rare, and I firmly believe that people like you are the ones who end up surviving–and thriving–in these tough times.

    How refreshing.

  2. Seattle Interview Coach*

    It’s not easy to do after losing one’s job. But I agree, if you can muster the courage to show some graceful appreciation, it can only help in the future.

    – Lewis, AKA

  3. Anonymous*

    What if you were laid off 9 months ago from a company that you spent a year with and you are just now realizing how valuable the experience you received was? Would it be considered innapropriate to send a thank you letter to your former employer after so much time has passed?

  4. versicherungsmakler*

    For me there is a saying: Mountains never meet, people again and again.
    Greetings from Germany

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