From accidentally hugging the CEO to getting attacked by bees at the company picnic, work can be mortifying. Here are some times we’ve mortified ourselves at work.

Mortification Week: the sleepover, the angry bees, and more

It’s Mortification Week at AAM and all week long we’ll be revisiting ways we’ve mortified ourselves at work (pulling comments and letters from the archives). Here are 15 more mortifying stories people have shared here over the years. 1. The shirt “I was wearing a shirt with sparkles on a dark blue background, that I […]

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I accidentally flashed my team during a video call

A reader writes: After a video team meeting today, I hung up the call and proceeded to get undressed for a shower. After a few seconds, when I was significantly but not completely undressed, I noticed that the app had frozen and was still open. The rest of my team had been staying on for […]

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I wet my pants at my new job

A reader writes: I am writing to you in a state of extreme mortification. I, a full-fledged adult, wet my pants at work. What makes this worse is that this is a brand new job that I absolutely love, but now I’m thinking about just quitting and never showing my face there ever again. For […]

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