From accidentally hugging the CEO to getting attacked by bees at the company picnic, work can be mortifying. Here are some times we’ve mortified ourselves at work.

I flashed my entire team during a video call

A reader writes: I would love any and all advice on this because I’m sincerely lost on what to do. To preface this, I do have a privacy camera cover which makes this mistake even more avoidable. I work remotely and during a morning meeting with our entire team, I noticed an incessant knocking at […]

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let’s talk about your mortifying moments at work

It’s almost time for Mortification Week 2022, and in preparation we need to hear your stories of mortifying experiences at work — yours or other people’s. Maybe you mistakenly emailed your lengthy romantic story to a colleague instead of your husband … or gave a person two noses in an interview Photoshop test … or […]

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