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  1. Anonymous*

    The new tag makes it easier to find these unbelievable stories. It's purely incredible how some employers act even towards candidates who may or may not work for them. Just as we have to sell our resume to them, they have to sell their company to us. I don't see what they find in treating candidates poorly during the interview process. Thus far, I have been ignored after an interview; of course I know the end result since I haven't been contacted, but I have received no official word either way. And I had a similar situation to one of the stories "Joe vs. Jerry" in your new tagged category – one interviewer obviously had his mind made up against me and no matter how I answered his questions, his answers to my responses were clearly going to be negative from beginning to end; I honestly don't know why he chose to interview me.

    Thank you once again for having a great blog. Very helpful and more people should know about this!

  2. Anonymous*

    I keep seeing these stories about new employers calling up the current employers of the potential new hire. While it's easy and more likely to chalk it all up to incompetence, I had another thought.

    Perhaps it's a hardball method in negotiation? Say you want a particular employee, but you don't want to pay much for them. You call up their current boss, ruin their job prospects or even get them fired, and then snatch them up at a bargain!

    Sure, it's a short term solution, but we've all worked for places like these that treat their employees like slaves and in this current climate it's only getting worse.

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