in which I work miracles

A reader writes:

I had an interview Friday before last and was rejected the following Monday. I was exceedingly disappointed as I was really excited about the job, helping youths find work. Then last Sunday I was reading your blog and you suggested e-mailing to follow up on the rejection and ask what I could do to make myself a stronger candidate. I did that at 1:30 am right after I read your advice. The next day I got a call and they offered me the position I had interviewed for!! I believe I would not have gotten this job if I hadn’t followed your advice. Thank you so much.

That. is. awesome.

Seriously. Congratulations!

(Please send me a percentage of your first year’s pay.)

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  1. Anonymous*

    Great advice AAM (and lol at the percentage cut of the first yr salary)! and if the original poster is reading, congrats on getting the offer!
    Did you keep the email short and simple, simply asking for how you could have been a stronger candidate or did you add anything else to it?

  2. Evil HR Lady*

    Okay, I knew you were good, but who knew you were this good.

    I'd also like to see a copy of the e-mail your writer wrote. It must have been a good e-mail.

  3. Anonymous*

    I wrote in earlier this week regarding feedback as a second candidate for a position… When I was originally turned down for the post, I wrote brief notes to the interviewing team, thanking them for considering me and asking that they keep me in mind if another post opened up. After their first candidate had failed them, my boss tells me, they remembered my notes and that I had behaved like a 'class act' (her words); they called me straight away. Another bit of evidence, if one were needed, that the thank-you notes do help!

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