in which I throw my life into upheaval

I resigned my job a few weeks ago.

I’ve always found it extremely bittersweet to leave any job, no matter what my experience was there, and in this case I left a job that most days I really loved. But I left because it is time for something new.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to do management consulting full-time. Hiring, firing, performance coaching and assessment, role development, training, creating measurable objectives, identifying and solving problems, helping people manage up, reexamining core beliefs and attitudes that are getting in the way of doing the above well — I know how to do it, and I have a weird, weird love of helping other people learn to do it well.

I have no idea if I can support myself this way, but I’m going to find out.

That means that I am officially open for business as a consultant. Email me if you’re interested in working on something together.

P.S. If you’re wondering why I’m still doing phone interviews, like I wrote about last week, and you’re worrying that I have some sort of compulsion that makes me do them in my spare time — don’t worry. These were my first consulting work. Hurrah! Now bring me more.

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  1. Joanna R.*

    I'm glad that you're focusing on what you really want to do and just going for it!

    I think the company I work for is long overdue for your skills, but would never let it be known they would hire someone for it :/ Too bad, b/c it would make this environment better and then I could actually meet you!

    Best of luck to you : )

  2. Anonymous*

    If I were a business owner that needed those services I'd hire you in a heartbeat. Best of luck!

  3. Anonymous*

    Good luck!

    I know that's where your heart and mind are set on for your upcoming career move, but you would be an asset to a college community in the career services center. There are students and graduate who can greatly benefit from your advice.

  4. Anonymous*

    Good for you. I wish you all the best. You're awesome and can't get enough of your blog.

  5. Karl Sakas*

    Best wishes on your new path. If I come across prospects, I'll send them your way.

  6. Erika*

    Congratulations! Whatever you do, don't stop writing this blog – we in the working world need your sage advice!

  7. Ask a Manager*

    Thank you, everyone, seriously. I really appreciate it!

    And Erika, the danger is just the opposite — that I will sit around doing nothing BUT writing this blog.

  8. Anonymous*

    Best of luck! Takes come brass gonads to do this at this time. Eye of the tiger, eye of the tiger.


  9. John Rajesh*

    Hi Dude..
    I am from India.I am really motivated this blog.Thanks for the Advices..Dude..Keep up good work..

  10. John Rajesh*

    Thanks To ASK A MANAGER TEAM!KEEP UP GOOD WORK.I AM FROM INDIA>I will tell to my friends everyone must go to this blog.

  11. Kerry*

    Congratulations! I was an HR consultant for six years (three on my own, and three with a small firm). I liked it. I bet you will too.

  12. Ms. Independent*

    Good luck, Allison! I think you'll do just fine, based on what I read in your wonderful blog!


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