most popular posts of 2010

Here’s a list of the posts that got the most comments this year. 2010 marks the first time Ask a Manager broke 1 million page views in a year, so that’s exciting — 1.2 million page views!

(This, by the way, wraps up our special year-end programming. Tomorrow we return to the normal Q&A’s.)

how strictly should managers enforce company policies? (44 comments)

should you point out a typo when applying for a job? (44 comments)

coworker won’t wash her hands after using the bathroom (45 comments)

my boss acts like I’m on call day and night (47 comments)

is my transgendered coworker using the right bathroom? (47 comments)

do I have to wear pantyhose to an interview? (49 comments)

should you work for free? (55 comments)

is it possible to send an interview thank-you note too quickly? (55 comments)

bad candidate behavior: “sorry about 4 years ago, but can I have a job now?” (57 comments)

cleaning the office microwave: hidden duties when job searching (64 comments)

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