where are they now: update #1 – the job-seeker with a dental problem

Thanks to all who are answering the call for updates to let us know how your situation turned out. If you haven’t written in yet, we want to hear from you!

Here’s the first one.

Remember woman back in July who wondered if her dental problem was scaring off employers? Here’s her update:

After reading all your detailed answers to others, and submitting my own question about my angst at interviewing with a chunk o’ front tooth missing, I’ve managed to do an apparently great interview (for once) and got myself hired! It’s been two years of searching to get here, and I can only think that it’s been your advice that’s helped me be more confident and cool during the interviews.

It’s not been just the how-to interviewing advice, but also the insights into how managers think that’s been such a help. I know better what a manager is looking for, and how to answer questions that I used to approach from the wrong angle. You have my undying gratitude!

This is awesome to hear! Congratulations on your new job!

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