8 common complaints about bosses and what to do about them

One of the biggest factors in your quality of life at work is the relationship you have with your boss. And yet too often when faced with a frustrating boss, people throw up their hands and feel helpless to do anything about it. But instead, you can usually take actions to manage the situation and your boss.

Over at the Intuit Quick Base blog today, I take on eight of the most common complaints about bosses – and talk about how you can manage around them. We’ve got micromanagers, bosses who hate you, bosses who always check their email while you’re meeting with them, and more. Check it out here, and I’d love it if you’d leave your thoughts in the comments over there.

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  1. Anonymous*

    im a lecturer…….bt still my boss tells us to do all clerical stuff and make us to wait from morning 9 to evening 8. there is never a co-ordination from his side. he speaks very abusive and insulting. no one tries to complain about him as every one is scared of him.
    plz help ……. its disturbing me and my mental stress is increasing. how should i deal with him????

  2. First job*

    I am a vet assistant at a small animal hospital. The full time vet is amazing. The part time on the other hand is quite pushy and talks to me like I am stupid. I have already taken a 2 year course when i was in high school.I was hired in august and only work on average 12 days a month. I know I am still learning but the way she speaks to me makes me want to avoid her. Any tips on how I can help myself or how to bring it up with the other vet? Or should I just hang in there till I get moreexperience?

  3. Anonymous*

    My supervisor is very manipulative, immature, verbally abusive and she tells coworkers things told to her in confidence. She “jokingly” calls me dumb and has spoken several times about the gun she carries in her car. She is partial to her friends, and has the owner of the company believing everything she says. I came across some text messages that she sent to my coworkers, talking unkind about other coworkers. We contacted HR department, but somehow it worked in her favor because nothing was done. Please help me. Thanks…

  4. Bri*

    My boss is very unprofessional .its only a weekend job so it’s not much money but I never get my check on time . And then when i finally get a check the pay is wrong . I want to go over his Head because this is not the first time . But there’s a chance I won’t work for him anymore.

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