earn cash by introducing your friends to Ask a Manager

Are you a fan of my job searching advice? Are you a fan of cash?  Now you can combine the two!

What: Encourage your friends, blog readers, and social network followers to check out my e-book, How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager. If they purchase a copy, you’ll get a 40% commission on the sale — so you’ll earn about 10 bucks every time ($9.98 if we’re being precise).

How: Sign up as an affiliate (this page explains how), and you’ll get a customized link to give people to learn more about the book. Anyone who buys a copy using your link is “credited” to you, so that you get your commission each time. There are banners you can put on your website too, if you have one.

Why: So that you can promote an awesome resource that will actually be helpful to your job-searching friends, while getting paid for your efforts.  And because I believe in this book, and want it to reach more people.

Let me tell you, I’m not really a salesy person. And I find some of the crap that’s being marketed to job-seekers pretty bad — in some cases downright offensive, and I want no part of that. But I believe in this book … because I regularly get mail from people say that they were really struggling in their job search, then read the book and put its advice into practice, and suddenly started getting interviews, and eventually job offers. (You can see some of those testimonials here.)  So if you promote it to your network, you’ll be promoting something you can feel good about. Seriously.

If you want to participate, you can sign up here.

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  1. IV*

    This is a great idea- but I won’t be signing up. I have a pretty good job, but I was beginning to feel disengaged and a bit unenthused. So in the lead up to beginning my search I started to read your blog. Thanks to the advice from your blog I was able to really analyse why I wanted to move, what I wanted to move, and what made me unique.

    I got a verbal offer for a fantastic role on Friday last week. They’re completing my ref checks tomorrow. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a contract by end of the week. And it’ll be, by a large part- thanks to you.

    So I’ve been passing it on to anyone who I know who is/might be looking for a job. And will continue to do so for free. Because you deserve 100% !

    Thank you.

    1. Anonymous*

      So you’re getting an awesome job directly because of this blog, and you won’t help her out? What a piece of work.

      1. Ask a Manager* Post author

        No, no! She’s saying she doesn’t want any commission and will continue encouraging her friends to get the book without any financial gain to herself. (Thank you, IV! And congratulations on the new job!)

        1. IV*

          a) I meant it in the nicest possible way!

          b) My contract came through! I have a HUGE leap in level (very important to me) and in the compensation package (less important, but very nice nonetheless).

          Thank you again for helping me take such a massive step in my career :)!

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Well, if you wanted to, you could certainly recommend it based on what you know of my blog. (Which is how I recommended it to readers originally.) Up to you!

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