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  1. Anonymous*

    How I found your blog:

    Back in 2009, I was looking for advice on a certain situation about working and finding a new job. I was doing google searches, and your blog came up as a response. I looked at it, and remembered the name because I saw you had some good stories people had written in. Plus, you answered them. It was current, and you were adding often. At first, I checked in once in a while. Now I check back nearly daily to see what’s new!

    While I’m just one person, I hope that gives you some insight on how people find out about your blog. I have given your blog’s name out to others, but I don’t know if they read or not.

      1. Julie*

        Even though I’ve written you a couple of times, my first instinct when I’ve got a work-related question is always, “I wonder if anyone’s asked this on Ask A Manager yet?” Great content, and I love checking it!

    1. MaryBeth*

      Same here. Back in the summer of 2008 I was looking for some advice on how to manage people better and found AAM through a google search. Since I was going to school for business/ HR, I was instantly drawn to the content and bookmarked the page. Now, I follow on twitter and facebook so I know when new posts are made and I read them (almost) instantly! A new post is a highlight of my day – especially when I can relate it back to class or something that I’ve experienced. Thanks AAM!

  2. Christine*

    Great interview – thanks for sharing that! I stumbled upon your blog myself earlier this year in looking for job search/career advice, and you really are the best one I’ve seen. Everything you said in the interview is exactly how I see it – honest and no one-size-fits-all answers.

  3. W*

    I found your blog a couple of months ago when googling “great cover letters”. It was so helpful in turning my cover letters around. I tell everyone I know who is looking for jobs or in the workplace and needing some advice. Sometimes I come and read your blog while procrastinating writing cover letters to get inspiration and to get a sense of what is happening in the work place.

  4. Anonymous*

    Funnily enough I found your blog from another blogger who was discussing ways to start on your own. He cross posted to your post
    ‘3 things I learned by quitting my job in a recession’, which was a great read & since then I am a regular. Enjoy your down-to-earth responses…although you now a rather a lot of fanboys commenting ;)

    PS: Why dont you have a Gooogle site search???

    1. fposte*

      You can make one yourself:

      then type in your search string in the search box after “site:askamanager.org”

        1. Julie*

          I find that using a site-restricted Google search (site:askamanager.org) works better than your search engine. No offense — I love your site, but I think the search engine doesn’t work particularly well.

          1. Ask a Manager* Post author

            Well, I can’t disagree with that, since I literally just used Google to find something on the site a minute ago! Google will also search the comments, whereas the search box here doesn’t.

      1. fposte*

        Sorry, the URL didn’t post, so that looks like I was trying to be snarky rather than just posting a link for you :-).

  5. Malissa*

    I found this blog when I googled cover letters a couple of years ago. I come back and read everyday because the advice here is grea.

  6. Rana*

    I learned about you from a friend who recommended I check your blog out before beginning my current job search. It’s been really inspiring, and very helpful when it comes to thinking about the ways that my job experience in academia did – and did not! – prepare me to think about how work culture works in other environments. It makes looking for a job outside of academia seem much less intimidating!

  7. Eva*

    I don’t remember how I found your blog (sometime in 2010), but it is the only blog I check daily. I find your content is consistently high quality – interesting topics and concise, spot-on yet non-obvious advice that continually makes me tip my hat to you and want to pick your brain for more insight!

    I also respect the effort you put into the comments section and especially the sangfroid and savoir-faire with which you handle wayward commenters (some recent examples: “I AM a lawyer,” “AAM, I think you’re nit picking here”). I find (both in my own experience and from watching others) that it’s pretty hard to nail the balance of ignoring versus engaging (without stooping to their level) but you consistently get it just right. Your judgment is really well calibrated.

    If Ask a Manager ever runs dry, you can definitely start Ask a Blogger!

    PS: I have no ulterior motive for sucking up this much! Just feeling warm and fuzzy apparently. I donated to Wikipedia earlier this evening. :)

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Wow, thank you! What a great thing to read!

      I do get it wrong sometimes, I think. I’m forever battling with the question of how to engage without entering into a pissing match.

      1. Eva*

        You’re welcome!

        And I haven’t been able to tell that it’s a battle for you. I would love to be privy to your train of thought in those situations.

        Maybe you could do Ask a Blogger on the side? :D

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