update from the reader worried she needed to be perfect to get a job

Back in February, we heard from a reader struggling with unemployment, worrying that she would have to be perfect in order to ever get a job, and wondering how she could stop putting so much pressure on herself. Here’s her update:

My job search continued for the next seven months. In that time, I interviewed for a couple more jobs and a had a nine-day (!) stint at a food court restaurant at the mall that did not work out for me. I was a poor fit for the culture, as pretty much all the other employees were high school and young college students who I did not fit in with. I continued to look for other jobs, but just could not get in the door and I was getting increasingly frustrated.

However, I was working part-time from home as a copy editor for a big website in my desired industry. I stayed at that job while searching, figuring I was making money and that there were people making no money. In July, I interviewed for a temporary job with a major employer in my region and eventually got an offer. I was excited and ready to start, but while on a previously planned vacation (which was not going to interfere with my start date), I began to have doubts. I wanted to stay where I was and keep working as a copy editor and possibly move up in that company. The temporary job paid well, but it was not in my chosen field and I was told there was no possibility of being offered a full-time job upon completion.

So I turned down the temporary job, and I now work full-time for the website where I started off as an unpaid intern in May 2010, then moved up to being a paid part-time member of the staff, and three months ago, I got a raise and was promoted to full-time. I work from home, so I don’t have to worry about buying nice clothes for work, and everyone I work with is very supportive and willing to help each other out. If I need time off, it’s really easy to get, and I have the option of making up hours missed on a day off. Although the job has challenges, there would be challenges no matter what kind of job I had, so I can accept them easily.

I eventually want to be a full-time freelance copywriter or work in media relations for a professional sports team. I know that my field is really competitive and that it will take hard work, but I feel more ready than ever to handle it.

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  1. Jen M.*

    As a part time freelance writer, my hat is off to you! CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you are eventually able to land the position you really want.

    I love stories like this. They give me hope!

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