my 10 least popular posts of 2011

Around this time of year, lots of sites have lists of their most popular posts of the year. I’ll have one of those on December 31, but for now I decided to entertain myself by doing the exact opposite and listing the least popular posts of the year.

Here are the 10 posts that generated the least discussion in 2011 (excluding updates, housekeeping-type posts, and posts that just linked to my articles somewhere else).

(This is no reflection on the question-askers! All of these questions are actually quite interesting, at least to me, and hopefully this’ll get them back on people’s radars.)

10. Should I send a basket of treats to my new employer?

9. What are the boundaries when my husband applies for a job with my company? (I’m surprised to see this one on the list. People usually love anything that brings significant others into the question.)

8. Vetting job candidates based on undisclosed qualifications

7. Job searching in the wake of a natural disaster

6. Am I wasting this recruiter’s time?

5. Interviewer had concerns about me from the start

4. Am I a job candidate or a free consultant?

3. Is it appropriate to ask my interviewer for pointers for the next interview round?

2. Valentine’s Day round-up

1. What’s the deal with informational interviews?

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  1. Katy O*

    Maybe the smaller number of responses was due to the way you responded to the OP. Maybe your answers on these posts were so all-encompassing that there was nothing else we could say!?

    Well, it’s possible! :-)

    1. Diane*

      +1. If my mental response is, “Yeah, that about covered it,” I don’t post. Unless I want to rant that the same thing happened to me . . .

  2. Anonymous*

    this post is already more popular than some of the roundup posts! Somehow that delights my little heart ;-)

  3. Ruby*

    I read the posts in my feed reader, so I typically only come over to the site when you tell me to, Alison! Like to look at a new avatar, or because you’ve said there is a great discussion in the comments. I’ll come over when the post seems a bit juicier or somehow connects with me, too.

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