where are you now?

Every December, I like to publish “where are they now” updates from people whose questions I answered here in the past year. It’s time for 2011’s version, so …

If you’ve had your question answered here in the last year, please send me an update and let us know how your situation turned out. Leave no juicy detail out!  I’ll post your updates in a “where are they now?” post.

And if there’s anyone you especially want to hear an update from, mention it here and I’ll reach out to those people directly.

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    1. Beth Anne*

      I was just thinking about this person the other day! I wrote a blog post about this blog and told everyone to go read that post because it’s my FAVORITE one yet! I hope they write in :)

  1. Interviewer*

    The one from January whose office security guard wouldn’t leave her alone. I really worried about her.

    The new hire who planned to get married the same weekend as the incoming freshmen arrived.

    The GM who asked about firing employees who were drinking on the job.

    Did the ee choose India over an internal job offer?

  2. Joey*

    The bride to be that had to choose between wedding and work.

    The op whose mom unknowingly bought her tickets for a european vacation. Did she go? Any regrets?

    The kid who wanted to find a job as an idea man.

  3. Meredith*

    The employee who can’t use the restroom without permission, the employee who couldn’t move the desk 3 feet, the coworker who works with smelly “Ted,” Emily with the horrible boss who made fun of her weight and harassed her, the employee whose manager was having some issues with depression from last February/March?, the employee from April who couldn’t even get a client list from her bosses, the employee with bipolar disorder (I’d reeeeally like to hear about this one for personal reasons!), the person who was allergic to her office, and the person starting a new job who wanted to take extra days off to get married. And I agree, the lunch stealing boss!

    …I realize these are a lot of requests, but I just went back through the archives for about an hour and I am absolutely dying to know what happened!

  4. Realistic*

    I’m hoping that the woman who was living on the office cupcakes and who needed proper work attire is having an easier go of it these days.

    1. Lynda*

      I tried to mail her a box of clothes, but UPS couldn’t deliver it. If she still needs them, I’ll re-send the box, but I need a better address for her (or a phone number, which is what UPS keeps asking for).

      I’d also love to hear about the “buying the milk” boss.

      1. Ask a Manager* Post author

        Lynda, I’m trying to get in touch with her and will see what’s going on.

        The buying the milk boss was unfortunately a news article rather than a reader letter, so we’re reliant on the news for any update!

  5. Erin*

    I too would really like to hear about how the bi-polar person is doing. I filed for a few weeks off with FMLA leave at about the same time for mental health reasons.

  6. Diana*

    The OP who called child services on a co-worker (really the co-worker’s new husband) and got in trouble with the boss. Last update we saw the OP mentioned a non-committal meeting with boss and HR and weirdness (my word not OPs) and co-worker keeping mum about the case.

    Also, the woman who’s male co-workers thought she wouldn’t return to work. Did she go back?

    The OP who inherited the mediocre team. Whatever happened with the team?

  7. Lesley*

    Ditto on the lunch-stealing boss and the OP harasses by the security guard–I was also really worried about her!

  8. Joanna Reichert*

    I’ve got a bundle.

    ~ Russian accent (Jan)
    ~ Diabetic boss drawing blood (Jan)
    ~ Creepy inappropriate security guard (Jan)
    ~ The Food Police co-worker (Feb)
    ~ Assistant using higher-up’s title on LinkedIn (March)
    ~ Agnostic applying to Catholic school (March)
    ~ Foreign fingernail clippings (April)
    ~ Out-of-control office clerk (May)
    ~ The boozehounds (May)
    ~ Boss pissed that medical emergency trumped meeting (June)
    ~ Allergic to the office (June)
    ~ Bipolar (July)
    ~ The crazy intern overseas (July)
    ~ Chatty Cathy boss (Aug)
    ~ Micromanaged for moving desk 3 ft. (Aug)
    ~ Micromanaged for emptying bladder (Aug)

    And yes, the gal surviving on doughnuts as well as the lunch-stealing boss.

    I’m sure there are a few more, but these are the ones that immediately came to mind!

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