your new year’s resolution: better meetings

I’m making your new year’s resolution for you — and for your whole office, in fact.  You’re going to start holding better meetings.

I’ve written out your game plan, and it’s right here.

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  1. Erica B*

    these rules are good for any group that has meetings. I am on 2 PTOs, one of which I run. The person in charge of the one I’m not in charge of is clueless and the meetings are always a disaster… She also doesn’t listen at the meetings and after we vote and approve things, she goes behind the groups decision and does other things without telling the rest of us :/ it’s been a tough (school) year- and it’s only December!

    for my job we have meetings ever 2-3 months, as we are spread throughout the state (MA) and we use these meetings to get on the same page regarding our project and the clients. We don’t have an agenda on paper, but we do the same things each time, so for us it’s not necessary.

  2. Harry*

    Great tips! I can also contribute one more. Don’t have a meeting for the sake of having a meeting! If you have nothing to say and it happens to be the day for your weekly meeting, cancel it! An hour gained for everyone. Everyone wins and no one has to suffer through a meaningless meeting.

  3. MistyMountainHop*

    Thank you! My boss left a couple of months ago and I’ve found myself in a position to conduct more and more meetings. These tips are really simple but great, and I kept them in mind during my team meeting today which helped me get through the really important information within the thirty minutes I had allotted. This also gives me a criteria by which to judge which meetings I’LL be attending. Still love your blog oh so much. Happy Holidays.

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