I walk!

I am walking.

I know I mentioned a week ago that this was starting to happen, but I am now in full-on walking mode! I haven’t used a crutch for three days and have banished them from my sight. I am legitimately walking around — I am all up in the Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, and the Pinkberry, and all the other places I have been wanting to go but couldn’t for the last five months. I am cleaning my house myself, finally (and oh, what sweet ecstasy it is to dust the top of a bookshelf). I walked around my deck for the first time since October; it was like an old abandoned ghost town.

I do have a terrible eyesore of a limp that people are staring at (I swear they are), but I do not care. Maybe you all are the ones who walk weirdly, and I am normal. It’s possible.

Please have a drink in honor of my foot tonight! And do not fall.

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    1. Josh S*

      Wow. I know The Foot is famous and all, but that’s pretty classy for a C-level celebrity… ;)

      Also, can I have a pour?

  1. Kris*

    Congrats on the foot. I will make it a point to raise a glass tonight in honor of you being back on your feet!!!!

  2. Ms Enthusiasm*

    Congratulations!! It must be great to be mobile again. And don’t worry about the limp.

    And just to share my own good news… I was just offered a new job today at the same company I currently work for. This has been my goal for awhile and it finally happened!!!! Thanks so much for all your great advice.

  3. Stephanie*

    I walked with a limp after 3 months on crutches. Physical therapy fixes that! Although, it was almost a year before I got back into high heels.

      1. Nyxalinth*

        Me and high heels in this situation would be like that old joke about being able to play the piano after an accident:

        “Doc, will I be able to play the piano?”
        “I don’t see why not.”
        “Great, because I never learned before!”

        Anyway, grats to you and the foot. One thing you might consider is a good cane. Not the Old People Special from Walgreen’s, I mean go to a medical supply shop and talk to them., They’ll get you one right for your height and weight, and you can get a good, stylish one too :D Just some advice.

  4. Jennifer*

    Congratulations to you and The Foot! Enjoy your new found freedom.

    And people probably aren’t staring at your limp. More likely they’re staring at The Foot and awaiting its awesome pithy comments.

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      It wouldn’t surprise me if The Foot were giving them some sort of threatening signal that I’m not aware of.

      Anyone who would like a (profanely-titled) retrospective of The Foot’s deepest thoughts during this terrible time can find it here.

  5. ChristineH*

    We have been stuck in the house all afternoon with no power due to electrical work, and this post just totally made my day!!! I will most definitely be raising a glass for you tonight! WOOHOO!

  6. fposte*

    It’s like some wonderful heartwarming Christmas drama. Amahl and the Night Managers. Congratulations on the miracle!

  7. EngineerGirl*

    It took me years to lose the limp, and I can still tell you when any major storm is brewing. But walking is wonderful! Congratulations! Please take the stairs for me to celebrate.

  8. Andrea*

    Great news! I hope your healing continues.

    So I was shopping for shoes earlier, and I was looking at some flip-flops–kind of an athletic flip-flop that I thought might be good for walking my dog and grocery shopping. But then it popped into my head that the sidewalks around here are uneven and flip-flops offer no support or protection and I might fall and break my foot. I bought some cute mary-jane style meshy walking shoes instead. Must have had you on my mind!

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      I JUST bought shoes like that, while trying to figure out what I’m going to wear this summer other than flip flops. I really, really love flip flops though, and I’m worried I might give in and go back to them…

      1. Cheryl*

        Go for Keen sandals, granted they arent flip flops but they are incredibly comfortable.

    1. Anonymous*

      And I am about to go out and have a drink in honor of your foot!

      Also, I’ve been lurking here for quite some time. I’ve just finished my first job search in 14 years, and I wanted to thank you for all of the great tips and advice you dispense here. I used a lot of the information you provide, and got an offer for a new position yesterday!

      So thanks again for providing such a great resource.

  9. C. Nicole*

    Shall I begin the obligatory gradual building of applause (also known as the “slow clap”) in your honor?

    Why yes….yes, I shall! I’m really doing it too (Note: I also had a drink in your honor hee hee)

    Congratulations :-)

  10. Anonymous*

    Congrats! Although I am a little worried about you thinking that dusting the top of the bookshelves is “sweet ecstasy.” Dusting should never elicit that type of emotion. Just sayin’.

  11. Satia*


    Does a morning cup of coffee count as a drink? I hope so. Otherwise all I can do is lift a glass of water to you and your foot.

  12. Hazel Edmunds*

    Wonderful news. I’ll be raising a glass of something soft tonight in honour of your ability to WALK.

  13. Anonymous*

    Congratulations! I raised a glass to your foot, and to several of your toes. (haha) Please be sure not to overdo anything, and for heaven’s sake no more falling or dropping things on your foot!

  14. Anonymous*

    That’s great that you are walking again – I hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly!

  15. Lindsay H.*

    At first I thought, “Oh no!! AAM is quitting?!?!” I’m a little sleep deprived.

    Not that you’re concerned about other people’s presumptions, but I’ve heard from numerous people who have been relegated to crutches, wheelchairs, or motorized scooters due to long-term injuries that they are surprised by the oggling and blatant judgemental looks they get from strangers. They’ve said it feels like, “What are you doing out in public, cripple?” Anway, tangent . . .

    I am very happy to hear about you getting your sea legs back!

  16. littlemoose*

    I’m a little late to this party, but: congratulations! Hope you continue to recover well.

  17. Megan*

    Yaaay congratulations! You’re free you’re free! That’s so wonderful; keep the healing going.

    There’s always cute flats for the summer if you’re still puzzling about what shoes to get; some brands are pretty good about having some squish and arch support in there.

  18. A regular reader (fan)*

    That’s great!! I know firsthand how debilitating it is when you can’t walk. Two years ago, I was in a car accident (they hit me) and ended up out of work for 4 months! I had a full blown leg brace with a tibia fracture and could only walk for necessities! When I started walking, I was wobbbling and out of breath after 5 minutes (the first week). We sometimes take these things for granted! Glad you are recovering!. :-)

  19. Joe*

    A little late to the party (I’m still several weeks behind on reading this blog), but congratulations! I hope you are soon limp-free, and enjoy the freedom that comes with full mobility!

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