connect with other Ask a Manager readers on LinkedIn

If want to connect with other Ask a Manager readers on LinkedIn — to network, talk, or whatever — now you can.

Our awesome commenter Jamie set up a group over there (moderated by her, not me!). To join, click here.

And while I have you, here are some other things I keep meaning to remind people of:

* You can sign up to receive Ask a Manager posts by email here (there’s an option to have them emailed daily or weekly).

* You can follow my RSS feed here (if you use a news reader, which you should!). There’s a separate feed for comments too, if you want to make sure you don’t miss any comments.

* You can follow me on Facebook here, or Twitter here.

* You know that little gray shadow figure that shows up in a box next to your comment whenever you leave one? If you want your picture (or other chosen avatar) to show up there, just register with Gravatar.

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  1. Jamie*

    What RSS feeders are you guys using for the iPad/iPhone?

    I’ve been using desktop reader, so while I can see new comments I can’t see the comment to which they are replying.

    I want to try another one, so I thought I would ask and see if anyone has something like like better for mobile devices.

  2. Kelly O*

    I use Google Reader both on my BlackBerry and in Firefox. The only thing I don’t really care for is that you can only share on Google now, not to Facebook or other platforms, which is kind of a bummer.

  3. Jamie*

    Wow! I am approving members as fast as my mouse will allow!

    If I got an accompanying message from you, you’re already approved. I’m sending a reply to all from whom I didn’t get a message asking how you know about this group. Just reply to this message and I’ll approve your request.

    1. Victoria*

      Jamie, thanks for taking this on! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out; I really value this resource and am happy to contribute to its maintenance.

  4. Jamie*

    Just a reminder to send a message with your request. Everyone who has sent a message has been added – but there are still almost 50 pending requests for which I have no messages.

    The message can just be noting that you heard of the group from this blog – that’s the only criteria.

    I am really pleased at the huge response – I want to make sure that all of the readers here move out of pending and into approved.


  5. Ariancita*

    I found the FaceBook page and the posts are hilarious! Now I’m tempted (oh so tempted) to send some outrageous questions to see if they get a mention. :)

  6. Sheila*

    I’m not on LinkedIn, but this really makes me consider signing up, just so I can join this group. :) Love AAM, and I want to work for Jamie someday. Except I don’t live near her, and don’t especially want to move up there either.

  7. Tami M*

    What a great idea, Jamie, to create a networking group !!! It is sure to be a great success! :) I wish you all the best, and hope your enrollment soars.

    Alas, I won’t be able to join, as I can’t afford $191/year for the Job Seeker Basic membership, which is what I’d need, as I’m currently seeking employment. (Just sold my business) And while I am fully aware that LinkedIn has a free membership level, it has been my experience in the past that free memberships get you in the door, but soon prove to be insufficient for performing more advanced tasks or having access to additional content. So in order to keep myself from feeling left out, I’ll just have to pass.

    But for those who are able to join and make new contacts, and interact with others, I say Hoooray for you. :D I genuinely wish everyone must success and prosperity. :D In the meantime, I’ll stay right here, and learn from you all, and hopefully help out along the way.

      1. Tami M*

        Even for job searching? Maybe it IS worth a try. I’ve just learned of LinkedIn, and personally don’t know anybody who uses it, so I’ve nobody to ask for more details.

        Thank you for your reply, Allison. It truly helps to learn from others. :D

        PS: If I enter my email address in the field provided, will it be available to the public? (Sorry, I’m sure you have an FAQ, but I haven’t searched for it yet.)

  8. Naga*

    I want to share my recent experience with one of IT companies that I attended interview went for more than an hour, I have answered everything they asked, felt like we were in sync with each other. After I am done with the interview HR said that they update me by end of day or next. I waited till EOD them I called HR for status, said that they yet to get update from interview panel, next day again while I called I got the same update, immediately a few mins later I got mail from the HR as below
    “We regret to inform you that we are not in a position to pursue you based on our assessment of your skills in the personal interview had with you on 15.11.12.”
    Then I requested HR if the feedback can be more detailed on which areas I didn’t meet interviewer expectations could help me focus & improve on those, for that she replied that she cant question the management who done the interview.
    Since I know that I have done the interview well I felt that there is perception problem here due to reason I am currently unemployed which is hard to overcome. Strange I know I am better organized now than I was at job where my focus mainly on specific things of projects I was handling. Well, I am just not the right fit I know..

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