do you have an awesome cover letter?

Do you have the cover letter to rule all other cover letters?

Rachel Kaufman, who has been nice enough to feature many of my articles at MediaBistro, wants your help. She writes:

I’m putting together an ebook of cover letters written by people in media/other creative industries. I realized that very much of the content out there in books and on the Internet about cover letters is geared towards people applying for positions like, oh, machinist or accountant or whatever. So even if they don’t read like “It is my pleasure to submit my resume for consideration,” they still come off a little more stilted than they ought to. (I don’t mean going so far as to reference an orgy in your cover letter, etc.–though I’m sure that would work at some shops.)

If you have a cover letter that you think is really good and that got you an interview, Rachel would love to include it, if you’re willing to have it shared. You can send it to her here, and she’ll give a free copy of the ebook to anyone whose letter she uses.

And if you’re wondering if your cover letter is any good, you can find a refresher here:

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  1. Kat M*

    I just sent mine. The folks I wrote the letter for told me flat out that they called me in because of the extra information I’d provided in my cover letter. I got the job too, and less than a year out of school, with only one job in my current field to my name!

  2. Elizabeth West*

    I don’t know if my letters are getting me interviews or not. I’m getting some, but a couple (and one offer, which due to an abysmally low salary, I had to regretfully decline) were simply by application and resume.

  3. Holly*

    Just read this article, did a cover letter make over, and submitted one job application using it. I hope this will change my luck, either way thank you for the valuable information, I know it is now a vast improvement over my past cover letters.

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