Ask a Manager is a finalist for the 2013 Bloggie Awards

The Bloggie Awards announced their final nominees just a few days ago, and Ask a Manager is nominated in the Best Topical Blog category. (Thanks to everyone who nominated me!)

Unlike a lot of award lists, this one is actually a Big Thing, and I’d love to have your vote.

Would you take a minute to vote here? Thanks!

(Note that after you vote, you’ll receive an email message with a link that you need to click on in order for your vote to be submitted.)

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  1. Josh S*

    Voted (for you!) and then bookmarked the page because I haven’t heard of most of those blogs, and a lot of them looked really interesting. :)

      1. Megan*

        Me too! I’m especially excited about the one that’s for parenting – something like “I will punch you in the throat.” That HAS to be good!

  2. Slave*

    Voting for you, but I have to mention that Captain Awkward is an absolutely wonderful advice blog as well. It should be required reading, for life.

  3. KV*


    But also had a duh moment before the vote could be registered, so wanted to share it here.

    After clicking on the option button for “Ask a Manager”, I was waiting for some sort of on-screen message / notification telling me what to do next.
    Scrolled up and down, but only saw all the other categories in a looooong list.

    Then pressed END, and finally saw the captcha and email box

    Maybe they could have given a link next to each category, like “Submit your vote” or something like that, for people like me ? ;-)

  4. Emily*

    I’ve been reading AAM for quite some time but very rarely comment. Just wanted to say that I love your blog, and I just voted!

  5. ThursdaysGeek*

    It’s a good thing that CakeWrecks was a different category. At first I thought I was only allowed to vote for one, but then realized that was preliminary voting, and I was allowed to give you and them my support.

  6. Kerry*

    I voted for you! Good luck, you create awesome content and a great community environment. The screen grab of your logo was a little unfortunate though :)

  7. Not even close.*

    I voted and was asked to come back and choose the three finalists. Been pulling for you from the start!

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