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    1. Josh S*

      Congrats! I see that my Chicago-style ballot-stuffing efforts were a success! Vote early, vote often!

      A very well-deserved award. Good job, Alison!

  1. Ed*

    Congratulations! It’s great that your terrific work gets noticed. I hope you get a lot of new readers from this!

  2. jesicka309*

    Great work!

    Also, a great round up of the craziest letters you’ve ever gotten! :) A great way to enjoy my lunchbreak.

  3. KV*

    Certainly a WELL-DESERVED win, in my opinion.

    I have learnt to think a LOT differently ever since I started reading your blog.
    Even though much of the legal / procedural stuff may be America / Europe oriented, it doesn’t take away one bit from the rest of the well-thought out answers and suggestions that I have read here !

    I hope to keep reading and learning more over the years.


  4. TheSnarkyB*

    Congratulations!!! Thank you for making this site so awesome, for posting so much, and for curating such an awesome commenter community (I’m lookin at you Jamie)!!!

  5. Jennifer*

    Congrats Alison! As both a reader and a letter writer, your blog has helped me immensely. It’s the one I always come back to, as it is always informative, and often times very entertaining.

  6. Blinx*

    Many congratulations Alison! A well-deserved honor.

    And might I say, those were some classic columns you referenced — can’t wait to see what gets blogged about this year!

  7. Jamie*

    No one asked the important question – what did Alison wear to the ceremony? And is the foot healed enough for heels? Get it? A little bad homonym or homophone or heteronym humor (sorry, never could keep that kind of thing straight and Google is giving me conflicting answers.)

    1. jubileejones*

      I always get those confused too. I think heteronym is a subcategory of homophone, so in this case both a homophone (same pronunciation, different meaning) and a heteronym (same pronunciation, different meaning and different spelling).

  8. I wish I could say*

    Thank you for doing what you do.
    Your column should be required reading for everyone!

  9. khilde*

    Hooray! This is a great blog with a great community — well deserved. It’s actually the only blog that I’ve ever really commented on thanks to the thoughtful discussion and decency of the people on board. There isn’t a training class I teach where I fail to reference your blog and give people the address.

  10. jubileejones*

    Congratulations! Well-deserved. This is one of the few blogs that I visit multiple times per day.

  11. HB*

    Woo-hoo!! Congratulations! This blog has helped me in many ways – it helped me clean up my resume and cover letter to land an amazing job where I’ve been happily employed for two years, and it has helped me grow as a manager. I’ve learned how to tactfully handle tough situations and compassionately but firmly give construct feedback. Thanks for this amazing blog, Alison! I direct my friends/students here all the time!

  12. JB*

    Did you call everyday to see if you won? (Reference to letter in this mailing)

    Love your advice. Keep it coming.

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