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  1. GonnaBAWriterNGetOut*

    Don’t you just love it?!?
    Thank you for sharing – have the loveliest of honeymoons!

  2. MousyNon*

    How beautiful, best wishes and have a wonderful time!

    (and if anybody reading this thread has also been to Ireland–how visit-able is it if you don’t drive? I’ve always wanted to visit, but I don’t drive, and I don’t know if that’s the kind of place you really need to rent a car to be able to enjoy….)

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      In Dublin or Galway, you don’t need a car at all. If you wanted to travel to the south or the middle of the country (i.e., out of the cities), you’d want to rent a car, have a driver, or use a tour bus. Once we left Dublin, we hired a driver so that we could just enjoy the scenery rather than one of us having to drive — and that’s been wonderful.

    2. Christina*

      A note on renting a car–many of the rentals we saw were missing side mirrors. This made much more sense when we were on a tiny, winding road barely wide enough for one car with stone walls on either side, and turned a corner to a see a hulking tour bus coming at us.

      That said, if you don’t personally drive (nerves of steel are helpful), hiring a driver would definitely be the way to go.

    3. danr*

      The tours are okay, if you don’t mind getting up early most days while on vacation. We took one of the CIE tours and had a very good time.

    4. Emma*

      You can do fairly decently with a bus or coach pass. Public transit has gotten a lot better over the past few years (it isn’t NYC, mind) and with the building of additional motorways, you can get around alright. It will not be a quick as driving and you may not be able to see certain areas unless you’re part of a tour specifically going there. I base my experience on vacation this past February where I traveled from Dublin to Belfast on the bus, Dublin to Drogheda, etc. It did take time, though.

  3. Irish reader*

    @mousynon If you plan on rambling around the countryside, you would definitely need a car. Then again, how do you feel about basing yourself somewhere and rent a bicycle? Not a bad way to see the place ;-)

    1. Jessa*

      Exactly, find places on the train routes and then get a bike when you get there. Use the train to get from large place to large place and then you’re good to go. Also of course cities are good too.

        1. Grace*

          Yeah, trains are really only good for cities/larger towns – and while bicycle would definitely be a spectacular way to see the country, a car is really the way to go :-)

  4. Jack*

    That’s beautiful! I live in the southwest of England, near some lovely places which look just like this.

  5. Not So NewReader*

    Take lots of pictures and plan where you want to stay for your anniversaries!
    But mostly, just enjoy the treasures around you!

  6. Emma*

    Congratulations! Would you tell us where in Ireland you traveled (besides Galway and Dublin)? I’d love to know.

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Yes! We spent a few days in Dublin, then went south through Kilkenny, stayed a couple of days in Kinsale, then stopped in Glengariff and Kenmare, stayed a couple of days in Killarney (which I wouldn’t recommend — it’s very touristy and it would be better to stay in a smaller nearby town, where you could still see the stuff around there, like the Ring of Kerry and the Cliffs of Moher), then checked out the Dingle Peninsula and drove up through West Clare, and now are finishing up in Galway.

      My eyes are exhausted from looking at beautiful things. This country is awesome.

      1. Jamie*

        Can you imagine Alison showing up like a superhero in your office solving problems in person?


      2. Grace*

        Located in Dublin – and in an awesome new job (about 5 months), thanks to the awesome advice from this very awesome blog! (Did I mention all the awesome-ness?)

        Thanks AAM :-)

  7. Irish reader*

    I live in Dublin, but come from the mid-west of Ireland. It sounds like you bypassed my hometown, but I’ll get over it. ;-)
    I’m told the weather is appalling in the West today so hopefully you’re enjoying a nice Irish coffee or local chowder there!

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